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Bread of the Face


Bread of the Face (presence)

In the Old Testament there existed elaborate ceremonies under the Old Covenant. There was also the Passover meal, which included the "Bread of the Presence". In Hebrew this is actually "Bread of the Face". The idea is that God is face to face with us....

In the "Last Supper" (Matthew 26-) it appears that Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath, started a new meal to replace the old passover meal, although one could say it is a modification and simplification of the old. Call it the "Lord's Supper" or "Eucharist" if you wish. The parallels with "passover" are many (e.g. 12 tribes/12 disciples, both have bread and wine, directed by high priest/ Jesus now high priest, both eaten at a table). Jesus being the new high priest, king, and sacrifice all in one package, has the right to start a new system, and the believers are a new priesthood replacing the Old priesthood. The OLD system has been replaced by the new

Getting back to the bread and wine, a controversy/debate has existed between mainly Catholics and Protestants about the idea that the bread and wine is transformed into the actual flesh and blood of Christ. Some Catholics seem to say that it is transformed into the literal flesh and blood, whereas most simply say it is symbolic, just for remembering what Jesus has done. Which is correct? I think there may exist another way to look at it. It could be that the Lord's presence is more powerful during Eucharist and miracles may happen more frequently. In Luke chapter 24:13-- we read about the experience of the two travelers heading down the road toward Emmaus. Jesus came upon them and joined in with their walk. The two travelers invited Jesus to stay with them without knowing that it was the resurrected Jesus. Awhile later while they started to eat (a Passover meal?) Jesus broke BREAD and they suddenly knew it was him. The breaking of the bread of the presence/Face happened the instance he was recognized. It points to his presence. Although I do not think the bread and wine are actually transformed into real blood and flesh, I think the divine presence is more manifested and special. This is something to consider.

Steve Zomok

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  • Jesus said that the bread and wine "is" his body   Not that it can become his body  That is bread and wine were his body even before he said they were.  To understand what this means you need to look at exactly what bread and wine are.     

     Understanding how at the Last Supper Jesus became one with our lost and broken creation.  And how by rising from the dead God demonstrated the reality of his promise of new life to the lost and broken.

  • I think the intention was that they are Spiritually transformed.

  • Thank you Pastor Steve, I like your hypothis here.  I also believe, and this may well be unrelated to your subject, that the Holy Spirit is present whenever we partake  of the LORD'S Supper.  In that respect, I also feel that if we don't feel the Spirit's presence, then the person's isn't truly feeling or recognizing exactly what it is he/she is doing.  terry

    • Terry I believe you probably attend or are involved in prayer meetings sometimes.  What if a simple communion meal were integrated into the evening prayer meeting, would it not make the meeting more focused and presence of the Lord more felt?  When Jesus was in the room with the two from Emmaus I am sure it was also a prayer meeting of sorts.

  • Very interesting concept. Certainly food for thought (no pun intended). And there is a reason Jesus commanded we keep doing this in rememberance of Him. I had always found it strange that Jesus chose for us to continue doing that as a mere means of praising Him. I figured there had to more of a purpose to it. And your point makes much more sense to me.


    Thank you for bring this to our hearts and minds. Certainly something for us to study more indepth now.

    • I think He knows our proneness to wandering away from Him and calls us back to remember the gospel. His giving of His life for us so that we can stand in His righteousness. His being broken for us. He calls us back to the Cross every time we have communion. 

    • I am glade that you have felt moved enough to comment Patrick.  Lets hope others may comment and think on this too.

  • I agree. I have always experienced the Holy Spirit more during the Communion ceremony, whether done in a Church or by myself.

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