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Can They?

Do you believe that our loved one's, already in Heaven, in can see things going on here on earth, events, etc in our lives?

Please provide scripture references with why you do or do not believe this.

Thanks, have a blessed day!

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  • Read {Luke 23 : 39-43} and {Matthew 17 : 1-3} This is not an easy question to answer as there are other scriptures that appear and seem to disagree. In the end I have Faith that God will surely take good care of His Loved Ones no matter where they are. I Hope this helps in some way. Sincerely John Keister 

  • I agree with you Steve, this is where the SpiritualistChurch falls down in their teaching, we all rest in the Lord until the great resurrection.  

    Psalm 115:17 (ESV) tells us that:   “The dead do not praise the Lord,
        nor do any who go down into silence.”

    And Ecclesiastes 9:5,6 tells us: “For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing, and they have no more reward, for the memory of them is forgotten. Their love and their hate and their envy have already perished, and forever they have no more share in all that is done under the sun.

    .Without going any further down the road of quoting scripture these two quotes make it quite clear that when we die we enter a state of sleep or unconsciousness that is disconnected from this reality.  Jesus Himself talks about this when He raised Lazarus from the grave, He told some that Lazarus had been sleeping (John 11:11-14).  The law of Moses forbids us to try to contact the dead, not because we can but because doing that leaves us vulnerable to being deceived by Satan and his devils.  Satan loves us to believe that we can contact the dead because it is a way through which he can control through false teaching.


    • Sister Shelley,  These 2 Brothers put me to shame.  I have searched my Concordance and Bible and can find nothing to support my beliefs of my entire life.  Those beliefs being that when one dies, you go to "Paradise" where you are reunited with family and loved ones who passed before you.  There you wait with those loved ones until the second coming.  I feel foolish for believing what was told to me (I'm sure as comfort).   I have lived  a life looking forward to the day I die,  Now, I am not so sure of that.  

      • Terry, there is no need to feel shame (or is it just your figure of speech?).  I think much of the church has been led astray on aberrant theologies down through history.  Actually much of Christianity has mixed Gnostic and New Age thinking with the Bible without even taking notice.  And it started early.  It is not just a modern thing.  Whenever something good exists there are always both trouble makers and bad tendencies ready to spread cancers of sorts and problems.  Good things degenerate unless watchmen are on the wall!!!!  When we go back to Genesis 2:7 and the creation of Adam we read that God breathed into the nostrils of the man the "Breath of Life" and the man became a "living soul".  God did not push a ghost into the nostrils of the man but actually AIR and elements which got the blood and circulations going.  The "soul" is the complete individual.  It can actually be translated "living being" or even "Living creature". When Adam sinned he was told he would go back to the dust (all together) from what he was taken from. The Hebrew view is not a dualism of body and soul but rather a dynamic unity.  It is interesting to point out that it was the serpent that told our federal parents that they would not die but are immortal naturally, which is a doctrinal error. (Gen. 3:4).  The Bible tells us that only God is naturally immortal (1 Timothy 6:16).  People can only become immortal through Christ!!!!  Despite this I will still hear even famous preachers tell their audience that their immortal soul has to go someplace....either heaven or hell.  They have mixed pagan philosophy with Christianity and don't even know it!!!!  Even Billy Graham has done this sometimes. His many sermons can be heard still on radio and other mediums...

        This is one thing that is really troubling about Christianity in distant lands such as India.  It is probable that they are mixing pagan ideas with Bible in so many ways that it has hindered the growth of the true church.

        • Thank you Pastor Steve for "settling" my mind and heart regarding this.  I do have to say this though, I think I like the wrong thinking better than the way things are.  The other way of thinking was a comfort, but the biggest truth of it all is, I want to know what is the truth regardless of how it makes me feel. The reason I feel disappointed is that I won't have the family reunion that I was so dreaming of. Childish thinking that I know, but that's the way I am with some things.  But, as I said, the truth is what matters, and I do truly want to go to Heaven when the time comes, so  I simply have to wait on my Paradise a bit longer.  At least there IS a Paradise in Heaven.  :-)   

          • Much of the idea of going to paradise when we die came from Jesus' words on the cross to the robber who repented, when He said "And he said to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” [Luke 23:43] and I am sure that it will seem like that when we die, for we will have no consciousness about the passing of time.  It will be as it is when we under-go anaesthesia during surgery, it’s as if our eyes close and then open again, in the blink of an eye.  So there is little need to be concerned, to us it will be as if we go to paradise.  

            • Just a note in agreement: I physically died once for about 10 minutes I was going up into a tunnel, and out of my body, looking down, talking to an Archangel (Gabriel, I think). The experience was one of overwhelming love, and going by my experience and testimony here, there's nothing to fear. Someday, I'll write my testimony all out.

              • please Pastor write this testimony soon


                • It does seem like a good time to write that part of my life out for others to read. It affected me profoundly. I'll get it out this week. Bless you!

                  • Rolf, I am very keen on sharing our testimonies with others, I believe that this is what God requires of us. Testimonies lift other believers and show those who are searching, what being a Christian is all about and how God affects our lives. I was doing some recordings for the BBC radio, ‘Thought for the Day’ and I was stopped half way through my wonder analytical paper. The producer (a CofE vicar) took me to one side and told me that people out in radio-land were interested in the anecdotal rather than the analytical. I am very strong on this, no bible studies from the front, but lessons from our lives, so I look forward to reading your words.

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