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Did Jesus create Wine or Grape Juice?

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Sometimes new Christians will ask a question about drinking wine and alcoholic beverages.  Is it ok or sinful?  The answer to these questions are relatively easy.  It is a question of moderation.  The improper use of any food, drink, or medication can cause problems.  

In the scriptures we find verses that plainly say wine is ok to drink.  In Genesis 14:18 we hear about the mighty Melchizedek bringing forth bread and wine (Yayin) to Abram (Abraham) and his companions.  "Yayin" is a fermented drink and listed about 130 times in the Hebrew scriptures, despite this we see that generations earlier old man Noah consumed too much of this "yayin" and was drunk.  Noah was not exercising moderation!  God gave mankind wine to make people glad (Psalm 104:15), but it is something to use properly.  And take note that these verses are not about grape juice.  Grape juice is not a mocker but wine can be (see Proverbs 20:1).

Jesus created Wine

In the New Testament we find a similar pattern.  We see at the wedding in Cana that Jesus produced a good deal of wine (oinos).  This was not grape juice.  A small amount of wine was even recommended due to its medicinal properties (see 1 Timothy 5:21), but Paul Shaul also warned about overindulging in drinking (Galatians 5:21).  As one can see it is a matter of proper use and moderation as in any substance.

What do you think?

pastor Zomok

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  • I'm at a loss to understand why any pastor claims Jesus didn't drink, even when Jesus himself said he did, Luke 7:34.  Those pastors say drinking is a sin, and Jesus didn't sin, therefor Jesus didn't drink. But, a Bible-believer follows the Bible, rather than try to twist scripture into fitting extra-biblical beliefs.   Drinking is not a sin.  

    Remember the Pharisees?  They were against drinking.  They condemned Jesus for drinking.  Jesus condemned the Pharisees for being self-righteous, for making up their own standards of what is a sin and what isn't.  Does that remind you of anyone?


    • The facts are that most all people in those days drank wine or a weak type of beer, because it was not safe to drink water.  It was very much like the situation now in the third world, where contaminated water is killing more people than starvation.  Jesus would have certainly drunk wine, however the real drinkers drank strong wine that was very alcoholic, and expensive, and that is the wine that made you drunk.  Most countries also had a weak beer-like drink that was mildly alcoholic to kill of the bugs, children mostly drank this ale.

    • The modern churches contain plenty of modern day Pharisees.

      • And we now have ones that are rewriting the Gospels as well.

  • Absolutely Steve, Jesus' first miracle was very significant in many ways, one of the first handful of commands given by God after creation was the sanctity of marriage, one man to one woman, in Cana, Jesus seems to confirm His Father's command by performing His very first miracle at a wedding.

    This was not a simple miracle, like changing water into juice, it was much more complicated than that.  Jesus didn't use grape juice, but used water, (H2O0, He converted it into C2H5OH together with lot of much  more complex organic colouring and flavouring molecules found in wine. To accomplish this He made carbon and other atoms right in the wine jars. 

    "Grape juice contains fermentable carbohydrate sugar compounds that, when exposed to living yeast cells, are converted to alcohol and C02 gas bubbles. This can be summarised in chemical formulae:

    C6H12O6 (sugar) → 2 C2H5OH (alcohol) + 2 CO2 (carbon dioxide)" [Steve Stranghoener af John Mackay of Creation Research]

    There was another point in this miracle; normally a wedding in those days and location would go on for days, so the host would start off with the good wine, so as to impress the guests.  As the wedding celebration went along, with much drinking, the guests became less discerning about the wine's quality, so later the poorer, cheaper, low quality wine was served.  When the wine ran out (I suspect God's hand there) Jesus took the vessels of water and created good wine, so the guests were amazed, "Why have they saved the good wine until the end," they asked.  Of course this was a picture of the Kingdom, that at then end of our Earthly lives we would be rewarded with the better life on the New Earth, through Jesus' shedding of His blood, symbolised by the wine we sip during Holy Communion.

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