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I would love to get everyones feedback regarding how we can revamp each area or main pages of the site; Example: Forum, Videos, Groups, Blogs, etc...

What would you like to see? How can we improve things? Or is there any section that bothers you or doesn't function well.

Please let me know and we will do our best (as to what this platform will allow) to meet your needs.

Thank you so much!

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  • I forgot to say, the background value can be tested by examining how readable both black and white text is, against the same background.

  • One thing we must bear in mind is ease of reading.  One of the blessings of this site is that members who post can specify, not only the typeface and point size, but also the colour of the text.  In many cases this has made the reading of text very difficult.  What is needed is a neutral background with the value of mid-grey, which would allow the maximum number of colours to be used. 

    An attractive header on the home page is great and as you may have noticed I usually create a graphic for both my groups (some better than others) and for my blogs, which I hope catch the eye.  However we cannot allow fancy backgrounds to over power the words, particularly God's words.  The priority must be, ease of reading, a typeface that conveys the message without the reader having to struggle.  Some people like to use unusual typefaces, that quite often are hard to decipher, so care must be taken to avoid these.  Graphics though, add interest and make reading a lighter job, just as leaving spaces between paragraphs, solid blocks of type are off-putting to say the least.  I praise God that this site allows so much variation and allows expression as well as being led by His Spirit.

    • Do you think the current typeface is easy-to-read? 

      • Times Roman, is pretty standard and quite easy to read.  When we read we never actually read the actual letters of a word, yes we did when we were learning to read, but the more we read we get to recogonise the shape of words, not theit individual letters or syllables.  This is why we find something written in capitals (upper case) so difficult to read.  The same principle goes for exotic typefaces, ones where the letters do not conform to recognised shapes.  So Times Roman, Arial, Franklin, and the like are easy to read; whereas Berkley, Destine and the like, even Century vary from difficult to impossible.  One test of choosing a readable typeface is to load a short document into your word-processor in Times Roman or Arial and time yourself reading it, then change the font to the one you would like to use and time yourself reading it again, if it takes longer then dump it.

        The strange thing is that even if we substitute a few letters in words with similar shaped letters, the wirds can still be recognised, like changing 'd' to 'b', as long as the first couple of letter are right, it still readable.

        • We switched to Arial at Admin Hearings. It scans more easily, but that's just for ease of use in our office. Some of the letters in Times Roman didn't scan as easily. I don't know if that's important here.

          God's Love,


          • Personally, I do not like TNR at all, even though everything seems to come in TNR as standard, I normally convert everything the Ariel.  The problem is the seraphs, those little tails, that confuse the scanner Mary.  The other font that I have always likes is Comic Sans, it is so easy on the eye and so easy to read because it approximates hand-writing, it just feels comfortable to me, like an old sweater.

            • Just popping for a moment. Have you tried Calibri. Did I spell that correctly?

  • Hey Mary,

    Those are some great ideas and color suggestions. I'm glad to see we have incorporated Viridian within our logo, maybe we can do a logo "refresh" with some more colors. I'll try and find a background that  encompasses as many as I can without looking too busy. 

    If you know of a specific background that encompasses some of these colors please send it to me and I will upload it and see if everyone likes the new look and feel. 

    Thanks again for all your help!

  • Hi Cary, God bless!

    Just ideas. There are certain colors that encourage worship. Before we had all this wonderful multi media or social media that we have, we painted back drops and posters for church service. A handful of people spent hours of service giving their talent. Which I'm sure you can appreciate. Thank you for your service to God and giving.

    That said, certain colors represent concepts in the Bible. Blue can represent God because He covers everything like the sky. Gold or yellow can represent grace. Viridian or a green color can represent new growth or a new beginning. Purple can represent royalty or worship. The designers or artists helped prepare the congregations mind to receive God's Word that was being taught. Perhaps check out the original temple in the Old Testament and observe some of the colors?

    What you have isn't unattractive, but I just thought maybe the website could use a color facelift or a fresh perspective. I know you guys are all designers and artists too.

    God's love,


    • Hey Mary,

      Checkout the new background I uploaded -- do you like it better than the old one? Like I said before, if you have something else in mind send me a link to it, so I can download and then upload it.

This reply was deleted.

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