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Emergency Community Announcement: Your Family’s life in Danger with others too (all others everywhere). Fentanyl kills with skin contact. First Aider training in Canada anyway. Teaching kids to touch victim, head to toe during an Over Dose (O.D.) STILL during a possible O.D. Where the odds of loved ones dying have greatly increased. And the odds then, of professionals dying then, have greatly decreased.


Don’t let yourself, or your children, or grandchildren, die, trying to help someone during an emergency first aider situation. Don’t be a “Guinea pig” or a “canary in the coal mines” or your family or loved ones.


On Sept 7 2018. I finished a 2 day first aider training course. All of us, where shown pictures, of how much Heroin it takes to kill a person, and right beside that, how much Fentanyl it takes to kill you or a loved one. At most, 10 to 15 grains of sand sided pieces, of fentanyl, will kill you. Less for a smaller person, I would guess.


Mere skin contact will kill you, or otherwise cause grave bodily harm, to you, or loved ones. Lets say 2, 3, or 4 mm of skin contact can be lethal. 2 times 2 is 4 square mm. 3 times 3 is 9 square mm.


During this standard first aid course. We were told to wear our personal protective gear, and how to properly take off your gloves. Basically, all your personal protective gear is gloves. Other personal protective gear was talked about. If you are lucky enough to have gloves or your loved ones.


During this part of the course dealing with a suspected drug “Over-Dose”. It was stressed how dangerous this drug is, and certain other drugs were mentioned too.


It was also mentioned a police officer over-dosed and died, from exposure basically. An extremely well trained and equipped police officer. Compared to the average lay person anyway, and especially compared to a scared young person.


I said “I’m not touching that person”. I should have also said, “I’m scared to touch the door handle now too.” I didn’t 100 percent realize at the time. But I should have also said ”I’m not going to be a Guinea pig, to make sure it’s safe for professional people. Having me or other lay persons, doing a head to toe examination still, in an extremely dangerous situation for myself personally.”


Professionals have the training, and equipment, and frankly, top end government life insurance, survivor benefits, if it comes to it. Maybe other life insurance to. They can get retrained to work in the government, doing something else. More people probably die, working at a corner store for low wages, than them still. Then again maybe not, in this situation.


In some ways, this drug is like a nerve gas agent, that happens to be a solid. As far as how much material is needed to kill. Very few people, even in an industrial situation, have access to such a dangerous chemical, lethal in such small quantities.


It was stressed many times during the course to not put yourself in personal danger. Causing an even greater need for medical personal during and actual ongoing medical emergency I guess. At the same time, we (lay persons) are supposed to do something extremely dangerous during a suspected drug over-dose situation. Where the odds of you or others dying, have greatly increased.


I do not believe personally, that this is the proper response “getting physically involved still”, for a lay person anyway, in a suspected “over-dose” situation. Especially minors too, young and naïve, and trusting of authority figures. Getting physically involved, and most likely also getting exposed like the dead police officer did. Rubbing up against that person, being in an awkward position, and rubbing up again surrounding objects like the floor, tables, chairs, personal clothing. Maybe Fentanyl particles in the air by that person.


You may think. Well, I simply will not help that person, other than by calling for help. What if it’s a loved one, or a friend, or a college at work or your child’s friend at school. You may forget then, or your good Samaritan child may forget. You need to not forget, especially your children. Friendly helping children. That means constant reminders and such. Especially on weekends (parties), when they might go somewhere else, where anybody can show up. It only has to happen once. (Thousands in one year in Canada alone have died). A link to video a bit below.


That over-dosed person may look like a business person or be a politician. I don’t care. Other than calling on my personal phone. I’m not getting involved. Not going to touch that person’s phone for sure. A suspected drug over-dosed, has taken place. It must be treated as a dire threat situation to your life, or a loved one’s life. Tell them, it’s ok to do nothing and I want you to, if you’ re scared for your life (you better be). They in a deadly situation (always). With an unseen, deadly menace.


As far as I am concerned. If you see someone looking even unconscious and you are basically alone for sure. Best for safety sake, to treat it, as a drug over-dose situation. Call the authorities right away. An ambulance does not have to arrive.


You are talking to an expert, or more of an expert than you. I said when this was mentioned by me, that basically, you could have just walked into a scene of extreme violent. So, I’m going to get help, or call right away for help, right away basically. If 3 or 4 guys walk in, and decide to take your cell phone. There is nothing you can do really, about it, and anything else, they want to do to you, or a loved one.


If they need more dispatchers, they need more dispatchers. I can’t see, having a well-informed general public, having a problem with that.


I knew right away; how dangerous this situation is to me personally. How did the authorities, at best, not realize how dangerous this training, in this one situation was, and still is to the public at large? And you are told how dangerous it is, by the authorities. Implying “it’s your fault” if something bad happened, or your loved one’s fault.


So certain pampered groups, had a real, deadly dangerous situation, they might encounter anywhere, at any time. Threats of violence, deadly force, and breaking serious laws, has no effect, to increase their (professional) personal safety, in this situation.


It’s interesting to see, what was done to increase their own personal safety, in a situation like this. What politicians allowed them to do. Basically, using human shields to protect themselves. Even, and especially children. A party is probably the most likely place for this situation to occur. To your children anyway. Why not (politicians) just pass special protective laws, and tell the truth, to the general public, properly explained truth? Money of course. Explained later. Weed becoming legalized and super profitable.


I assume, minors get the same first aider training or any training or knowledge, that might cause them to lose their life. Most likely to lose their life or be seriously injured. If someone over-dosed for any reason and stops breathing for any reason. Even if they are saved, brain damage still might occur. To one degree or another.


What gets done to one or can be, gets done to all or can be. Wherever that person is at that time, and one location. As soon as they want to, or circumstance permit.


Points “that one” or in this case “all of them.”


Extremely powerful people like people in the justice and medical community. Well powerful to you anyway, are extremely dangerous to deal with, or to be allowed to make decisions, that effect you, your family, and loved ones, and everyone else. When they do not have your best interest, always, front and center, in their minds with everything they do. Or your loved one’s best interest at heart.


Too bad. Know liars and worst, are basically modern-day Nazis. Who oppress their own people. A name given to what they are. (I have come full circle to the same conclusion again, but not me and mine personally this time, or just that, but all basically.) Cannot be trusted, to give an honest answer to honest questions. If you dare still to ask. Especially when it’s important, or convenient, for them to lie, and otherwise, be dishonest, even criminally so. With criminal behaviors too, maybe thrown in.


When the government, down plays the severity of an event or issue or if bad enough. The government, and national and other press, fail to even acknowledge it, to calm your justified anger at them, and not even let you know. The issue or real issue. Well. That in itself, is a de-fact-o coverup being done, to the general public at large by your government, and the press. Of how bad it really is at least, or even not giving you any clue about something, when bad enough. Yet again. Don't swear at them though, or the police will be called on you, or arrest you for talking back if already there.


When a politician is forced to explain, to the general public, the severity or importance, of yet another thing they were in charge of. That they got caught doing or not doing (There actual job). (They always blame someone else). Whatever that issue or event is, probably events plural. Just one bad event talked about though.


God help you, because no one else will if no one knows “the truth”. Especially not the “justice” community or the medical community. If no one knows, or cares about, what’s being done to you and well me or everyone.


Sept 11 2018. I must add, that these groups of pampered peoples, are showing signs of people with extremely delusional thinking processes. They think. That they are so important individually, that other people should give their lives for them, by the thousands ever year now. In Canada alone, thousands dying now yearly. Soo pampered by politicians, and the main stream press. That well, they can behave like this, and I’m sorry to say. Will get away with this type of behavior yet again. Hurting, killing the very people they are supposed to protect. Same with politicians. You just must find out something they are already doing and have done, like that I have wrote about. Mass murder mostly through the medical community. Sent to the press and house of commons. In Britain and Canada including CBC. Various US government departments. Human rights groups, woman rights groups, universities in Canada and Britain, etc.


Giving women breast cancer on purpose. (millions upon millions) By giving them unneeded x-rays, which are extremely dangerous themselves. It’s a statistical thing. Out of a million people. The more radiation exposure there is, the more problems people will start having. Eventually cancers like breast cancer from exposure of that body part. Also makes it, a taking point for politicians during election, becoming such a big issue. You don’t spend enough money helping women with breast cancer. The other politician, no you don’t spend enough tax payer money helping women with breast cancer and other women’s health issues you are soft to. Anything to get elected. They have access to stats and what it means.


The mass murder of unborn children (millions upon millions) to make it a political talking point during elections. Women have a right to control their body. The government can not be given control of people’s bodies, including and especially women’s bodies. What politicians did was deliberately make a situation where there would be millions upon million of unneeded abortions. They did that on purpose, to make it more of a political issue (more controversial).


So, made into a bigger issue to people at large, and an more important issue now, during their elections. They all did the same things. (There not “babies” but “fetuses” remember. The first step, of many, of the teachings we were all given, by all politicians) For the “all important” to everyone’s lives, political elections for politicians and the importance, of demigod politicians in our lives. Was on TV daily. Forced down our throat, every day on TV, in schools, and such.


What all politicians did was make it hard if not basically impossible for poor women and young women to get birth control and effective birth control. Only one type was offered to a young woman like in schools for example in any meaningful amount. Condoms. The church was a reason sometimes cited by politicians for sometimes not even supplying condoms to young people when the church is not supposed to be involved in political decisions of politicians. The church excuse by politicians. Used to commit millions upon million of acts of abortion by these peoples. Justification.


So a young women. I remember, would actually be scared to go to a doctor if somewhat young. A teenager but still wanting to do the right thing, because of the scolding lecture they would get, as seen on TV, and told by other friends, to them.


Going to the local drug store. Which I did myself, and have seen, and experienced myself, and the women worker would announce on the PA system. Just like on some TV show, for a price check. Embarrassing you and scolding or smirking at you or both. Making a big stink about it, in front of other people, and on purpose.


When a young woman decided she is ready for sex. She is ready for sex. She needs what she wants to use. Not what’s offered, if anything. Not just condoms, and not enough condoms. This caused millions upon millions of unnecessary abortions. Done on purpose for this purpose.




Sept 15 2018 5:00pm basically. A threat from the R.C.M.P. to me. Such things are dire threats from such people. Especially, to a homeless person like me. Unjustly so, homeless and still abused in various ways. All R.C.M.P. officers, or whatever they call themselves, are supposed to have recording devices on there bodies. To record both audio and video. While interacting with the public. Not just dash board cameras in their vehicles.


Had just left the local Center Square Mall library and gotten off the elevator, and was walking towards the mall side exit door. The exit by Tim Hortons in this mall, at this date (September 15 2018). Not the exits that are boarded up in this mall, and not by the A&W exits or for staff use only basically exits in this mall. Not any other exits in this mall other than stated by me. Two (2) police officers, both males, physically. To my eyes, obviously males, in appearance. These two (2) R.C.M.P. officers were coming down the stairs, inside the mall, in a direction towards me basically. They see me while doing this and, at least one makes comments that I can easily and justifiably interpret, as threats to me personally.



Sept 15 2018 9:00 PM Outside walking towards local Salvation Army. Police vehicle goes by. Something is said to me that I could not hear as the sped by. Still interacting with me though. Yet again today.



Sept 15 2018 9:03 PM. At outside of Salvation Army basically, outside on/by salvation army sidewalk. RCMP vehicle there. Maybe same one as sped by me not much earlier. Not sure. Right direction anyway. Same type of vehicle I think. Unexpected several minutes earlier anyway. That R.C.M.P. drive-by.


Was walking by, or just past, the RCMP vehicle, parked by the sidewalk by the salvation army. Should be on camera. As I was walking towards the R.C.M.P. vehicle I could see someone in it. Well gloved hands moving inside. Some type of veiled threat maybe. No finger prints on a murder weapon. The person inside and in front, not in back of the R.C.M.P. vehicle said “faggot fat fuck”. I said something back, as I looked back at the R.C.M.P. vehicle, where that comment came from. It was kind of a mechanical sounding voice like it was artificially created or something. So, they, or the R.C.M.P. person, can say “no sir, I/we did not say anything to him at that date and time and location.” Such things are deadly dangerous threats from such people. Dark and hard to see inside that R.C.M.P. vehicle how the lighting was. Hiding R.C.M.P. face or faces.


Got just inside the outside door of the salvation army on men’s homeless shelter side where there was better lighting inside. Looked at my watch, and it was still 9:03 pm. Not long after the forced confrontation with the R.C.M.P. Much less than a minute later.




So, there is someone who works with city bylaw working at the salvation army men’s homeless shelter. As far as I’m concerned, he plays “good cop.” Never even knew, until a few day ago he was bylaw, which has done a lot to administratively harass me, at the library especially. I would have to be crazy to trust any bylaw personnel. They just smile now when they do something, or act concerned. As far as I am concerned he is a rat, a “commissar” politician rat. Put there to rat on people. They all do it, all law enforcement and pseudo law enforcement, teachers, etc. If you have 2, 3, or especially 1 political party as we are taught it’s easy to tell. They all do it, it is still just the government.


Question: How many laypersons has this training already killed? Or injured (brain damaged)?


Question: Why did politicians do this? Money. In Canada anyway. They want people to be scared eventually of buying street drugs, I believe. Hence you, and most other people, would only buy store bought weed (Will be more expensive eventually, already a warning to public about that). Especially older people with money, would only buy store bought weed. (Not worth the risk, street drugs). I believe politicians let Canadas supply of weed, be partially contaminated, with dangerous drugs on purpose. Politicians own, or want to own, various major weed growers, throughout the country. Basically, controlling cartels in various provinces here in Canada. Planning not to even pay any taxes even, by making these companies tax exempt, to increase their profits. If they can get away with it. May not be able to do that now, or will just wait some, for this to blow over.


Basically, making even growing your own weed for personal usage so dangerous eventually, that as far the law is concerned. You are a dangerous drug dealer now. For growing 1 extra plant (seedling even) or having 1 extra seed or whatever they will do eventually still. You see, 1 or more of your seeds sprouted. So now you are over the legal limit, and now you are a dangerous drug dealer. Maybe years of imprisonment now. Lifesavings gone anyway. Listen to the judge, froth at the mouth about you and others. Now you have a criminal record, and a criminal record in Canada, is a lot like a death sentence, in many ways. (Not worth it again).


Why did politicians in Canada just not pass special laws protecting law enforcement and the medical community in this situation? It never even crossed their minds at first. Once such a large amount of money was involved in there thinking processes most likely, or would have interfered somehow, in their person profit making. Creating new laws was off the table as a solution. These professional organizations (police/medical) are supposed to have all kinds of, high-end training and safety gear. I guess the truth is different than advertised, about these professional’s personal safety, in this one situation.


So, if politicians wanted to contaminate the drug supply. They had to also put these professionals’ lives in danger. Politicians may have though these professionals were safe at first. Just not the public as required. Politicians needed the public to start and stay dying, to advertise, the dangers now, of street drugs (competition).


After law enforcement and the medical community started dying, and whatever else was happening to these professionals. A new way was needed by politicians to get what they wanted still. Money, and lots and lots of it. Still needed the general public to die. Just not various government professionals.


Because a way was figured out by politicians to dramatically increase the safety of these professionals’ lives, and at the same time, continue advertising (via public dying) the dangers now of street drugs and decrease public safety overall in this one situation. (That is proof of intent to me personally). Well this new, slightly modified way, was implemented in Canada anyway. That still caused lots of unneeded deaths in the general public, especially with young people, but professionals are much safer now. Politicians did not inform the public in a correct manner, and not one professional came forward, to inform the public in a correct manner either of these dangers.


Talks about death rates in thousands in a year.

Opioids in Canada Link



Something different but very import still I believe.


I attended the 11th Annual World Religions Conference about the Fundamentals of Establishing Lasting Peace, here in Yellowknife and hosted at other communities to I guess. Hosted by various local religious leaders locally here. It was on Sunday Sept 16. I came up with my own ideas about, hopefully creating more world peace. Especially in the context of dealing with violent religious radical types in a broad sense. Nothing is perfect, and it will take time, if encourage, and implemented properly. Judge for yourself. It will not work on some, but hopefully for the future it will make a big difference. Then the police state has much less justification, for its existence, without some other threat, a home grown (preventable) threat it needs now. A different one now.


What terrorists do for example. Even overseas, justifies the police state, and everything it does hear at home. In your country also. Like the police state did to me personally (US/Canada Join Task Force/R.C.M.P.). They tried to turn me into a home-grown terrorist to parade in front of the TV, or maybe the antichrist. Maybe conflicting agendas in different organizations (groups). In long multi year times periods things change to. (Let’s step it up protocol).


Literal sickos who think that type of thing is funny. If someone else does the suffering, for them. Just a game you see, just not to you. Try to make someone think. They are an eater of cooked baby’s (plural) flesh. Let’s try something different this time. An evil Satanist or something. Let’s try to make him think he is the actual antichrist. People were (“are” back then) getting tired and concerned over paintball terrorism. Around that time frame or earlier, hard to remember. So, let’s give them something new and exciting, to watch on TV. Back in the public mind (spotlight).


A thing of years done to me. Years of other multiple simultaneous torturous actives beforehand. Still ongoing in different ways. Lots of governmental administrative harassment still by people who will not even acknowledge any type of conflict of interest, when dealing with me. They all have severe conflicts of interest, when dealing with me in any way. Many have much more senior positions in various level of governmental departments now around here. Now, no one from the government can be trusted when dealing with me, in any way.


Listened to a preacher this night sept 16 at this event. Talk about the devil and what he does. These evil people (police/military) already know what a preacher will say to me. So, they do this to you beforehand, (things a preacher will say to you) to make you believe anyway. The primary purpose, to make you believe, or just being honest at what was done to you. Other things anyway. So, you learn they are untrustworthy. In the extreme and have no honor what so ever and have a twisted sense of duty. Extremely deluded thinking processes, to justify anything in their minds. “It’s for the greater good of course.”


This drives others away from you, and well it’s the crazy ward for you. if things did not get somewhat out of control, in some ways. I was dealing with out-of-control people. No choices. So, I made one. Anyway. Game theory will never be thought of the same way again by those who know. Nice to see that publicly available information on game theory has be altered in special ways.


I have been subjected to years of sleep deprivation torture (still ongoing). Even when a sobering center was opened here a year or two ago. Drunk people could go in during the day to sleep and at night. I could not go in, because I’m not drunk. Even today. Because I still can’t get enough sleep. I can still consider myself to still being subjected to sleep deprivation torture through government administrative harassment. This gives me memory problems. Many more problems too. Like physical and mental exhaustion always basically, this sleep deprivation will eventually kill me.


So the local library manager did his best for years, same with bylaw. To kick me out of the library and have me banned from there. Even though he for years, was one of my abusers. Even before he became the library manager. Poor homeless people have few places to go. Especially safe places sort of. Just another way to harass me through governmental administrative harassment. Because I am tired, exhausted all the time in this case. More harassment pretending not to be. Causes extreme stress especially when you are told to your face by bylaw that you have no basic human rights, and you can be kicked out for any reason basically.


Bylaw seems to be extremely emotional people. They may need help and medication. You talk to one who is interacting with you. Pointing out lies or whatever. Bylaw will tell you “you are being insulting to me.” Or something similar. I guess a liar or monster would find being told the truth insulting. That’s a key world for I’m about to kick you out. Then next time for longer and then longer again. Many double standards.


When you are dealing with a government employee or pseudo governmental employee and they have to pretend. When dealing with you. That they are 100 percent impartial towards you. In their decision making or involvement with you. But they are just pretending to be 100 percent impartial. That is for sure. Governmental administrative harassment or some other type of governmental harassment.


When they can do that. It’s exactly what the government wants done to you to. Especially when on an ongoing and repeated basis. Did I need to tell you how dangerous homeless shelters are. Fixed up some now. But still dangerous in various ways. At least the one I’m in, and also the local so called, safe harbor. A pun on words. Can be kicked out at a wave of their hand at either place. Including in the middle of winter. I do not get to go to the sobering center at night. Because I’m not drunk. So, I get to freeze instead. Housing first is a nasty evil joke for me anyway. Another pun on words. Etc.


And of course, all poor people are like the homeless you see outside. Except family and friends of course you know. They are different. So, don’t think and worry about them. Those you don’t get to see, because they are so poor. Taking one taxi ride takes food out of their mouth. The government does no want to help you or them. Everything the government does is substandard in delivery, in at least one way. Even though you pay for solid gold plate delivered services for the government. That’s because they don’t want to do anything for you, or anyone else to help you.


So, the more the government can get away with not helping, or actually harming you, the more they do it. Most poor people are placed in super brutal stressful situations of despair with no real help. They learn to give up and give in. Then help is offered and it’s flawed to. So, you don’t bother anymore with them. Then you are the lazy bum, offered help now. That they want to parade to the public at large. You alcoholic and or drug addict now.


Back to the 11th World Religions Conference. I think it is important for all religions to publicly state to the masses of faithful and everyone else. That acts of terrorism, are not just something that gets you in trouble here on earth. But also, will deny you entry into that religion’s heaven, paradise, or the same as. Excommunication is one term I have herd of on TV shows.


That even if we (public), and the religious leadership do not know, who you are. You will still be denied entry into heaven or paradise. That you will also be punished by what god, or deities you believe in. Publicly stated that the religious leadership believes this, and that the faithful. Should also believe this. Because it is the truth. To me anyway. You? These people are also justifying the police state, and everything they do to everyone.


All religious leadership, wherever they be, need to do this, and repeatedly, and routinely, and publicly, with no ambiguity, what so ever. No outs, for extremists, to continue to believe they will be rewarded still, in their version of heaven, paradise, or the same as.


Ambiguity in any form, can be used as a gaping hole for violent types to justify their behavior to themselves especially, and to some others. When you as a lay person, regarding, that religion, and here such ambiguous statements. Do you really understand what it means? It can be used to try to play both sides of this situation. In a statement being made, to not only that religions faithful, and people who care. But to extremely violent people, it can be interpreted still, as defacto permission to continue their murderous behaviors and still go to heaven, or paradise, or the same as.


Because of these ambiguous statements from religious leadership. In some way still, terrorism is still being justified or other acts of extreme violence. Like against women. Hence, these terrorists and violent extremists believe still, in their minds still, that they are still some type of holy warrior still or justified in committing other acts of violence. And are being giving a choice by religious leadership, in whether to do acts of extreme violence or not, and still go to heaven or paradise. Some anyway will still, commit or to start to commit, acts of terrorism and extreme violence, on behalf of their religion, because of this.


These religious leaders who do this. Also justify the police state, and what it does, and did to you, and your family, where you lived to terrorist. If anything was done to you, and your family. There are no easy paths to change. Good change especially. Religious leaders who preach this still, after this, should lead by example, and march through the mine fields first, or the same as. Lead by example, and martyr themselves. Set a good example and go to heaven or paradise. Where they should be, or the same as.  


After reading this and it is not implemented for example. Why? Or if violence continues why? If it is no longer about religion. What is this violence about? Would those questions be better for you and your family, than framing it in the reference of religious violence? Will we find out? Will you find out? So, the religious violence will probably continue. Or will it? We will see. Try not to justify the police state and everything it does to people.


At the Fundamentals of Establishing Lasting Peace Religious leadership conference. There was a person representing the Buddhist Perspective (Shambhala Buddhism tenets on his web page) and reincarnation kind of came up in an off handed way. They all believe in reincarnation I guess. Link to poster


That person, while on stage and representing the Buddhist Perspective as advertised. Was looking at me directly. At this time frame, and talking about how it is your fault. If bad things happen to you basically. Then he basically snared on stage at me “it’s your fault” while looking right at me. I read before, that Genghis Khan was Buddhist. Not sure if it’s true or not, but interesting. When you believe in reincarnation, if he did.


I have thought of, why did he do that? I have come to realize that he truly believes that it’s my fault. As he publicly stated. That bad things happened to me, and of course still do. To him I must have been an extremely evil person in a previous life. So, anything done to hurt me. Including crimes, I guess, he thinks, are ok to do to me. It’s my karma after all, I guess. To people like him.


I have no real experience with people like him, or his religion. So, I do not know how common place, his thinking is, to this point anyway. That others might snarl at me. That think the same to as he does. No way I trust the TV. Only what I see and heard, and trusted sources have experienced and relayed to me. Good enough and reality for me and those I know and care about. Everything else is just TV. A fantasy world that only exists on TV. And it does only exist on TV. For you and those you care for, or about.


This type of person, who believes this. Should not be allowed to be in positions of authority in the government. Where they are supposed to help people. Or in pseudo government organizations. Or in positions where they have any dealings with you, or poor, or down trodden people in general or at all. Even a poor province or state, or community. In my opinion anyway. (A Politician for example). Or sick people, including sick children especially. Young you see. Reincarnated you see. Someone must say something. A human rights activist anyway. One person anyway. Me. So bad. I have no choice.


Also, not allowed to be in positions, like a file clerk inside of any government organization. Where they can do things deliberately to harm a person. Even in a little to that Buddhis way of thinking it’s ok. It’s the poor persons, or poor people’s karma, after all. These Buddhis or Shambhala Buddhism, when like this. Have a much greater chance of only pretending if they must, to help people. They want to, not help you. When they are like this, like that person is. It’s a fundamental tenet of their religion, as taught to him, and by him, taught now. Maybe some sec or something. Who knows or cares. But you must, and I must. Another extremist. In my opinion anyway.


Link to an explanation of Buddhis. Maybe some have confused Buddhis enlightenment with selfishness and greed. Can be easily confused in a consumer-based society especially. Also, it says what goes around comes around.


Save a life. Maybe more than one. Spread the truth far and wide.


So yesterday in the mourning. That was sept 18th. I ended up leaving the local drop-in at around 7:51am. Driven out basically. There is an employee there named Ian. He is a sicko in my opinion. He joins in with the medic stationed there to harass me. Yesterday they both came outside the room the medic normally stays in. So right in from of me, making comments and doing things, that officially, are supposed to set me off. Probably still have me put in the crazy ward at the hospital them. Ian has done this more than a hundred times in the room the medic at the time stays in, with that medic stationed there, at that time. Joining in with the medic.


There is different medics at times. They do the same thing as the other medic to. If not all them most of them. To one degree or another. Now I’m pointing out, about first aider training, and how dangerous, it is for people. More blame the victim being done to me, that is still common place in the government. So, they want to get worst and worst towards me again. Ian wants to join in. Either because of what I have pointed out about certain gay and other people online before, and he’s a sicko who’s gay or pretends to be gay, by being gay, or it’s a big issue to him. Camouflage maybe for being a sicko.


He’s like that sicko person in the Bates Motel movie. It’s just a movie but a good example. He just pretends to be normal. So he can not help, but do things to be hurtful towards me, because he can. It’s a reflex reaction for him. Given a chance he jumps at it. I even told him to his face several times in front of people, that he’s a sicko, and he did it again yesterday. Several times I said to him, in front of others. I said I will start naming names and government departments. Still does not care. If it’s not some gay thing. Then it is because he can do it to me and wants to.


So, the medic, since she has done this so much to with Ian and some others, and I have come to realize, is nothing more than a talking dog, in some ways. A rabid talking dog, a mongrel. That only looks like a human being. But is not a real human in some ways. Mongrels have not evolved I guess to the point, of being a normal human being mentally. For this reason. I think they are a subrace of human beings. CNN has not turned this into a racist word yet. So, there is a window of opportunity here. A mongrel to one degree or another.


To me it’s a pretty good overall all-encompassing umbrella concept to think of them and others as mongrels. You are hitting close to the mark anyway. Thinking of them as mongrels. There are sickos and criminals and such still of course. Who just like mongrels, think it is ok for humans to die. Even in the millions, to give them an easy, and safe, and comfortable life, at human being’s expense. Or just your loved ones by the thousands or more, by the year to keep them safe and comfortable. You as a human being, or even as a mongrel to them, are expendable. Been thinking this way for a day or so now. Not even Nazi has such a meaning to me now. For someone who will act a certain way, for no justifiable reason. Like to commit mass murder in various ways.


If you think of a bell curve. With hopefully the bulk of the human race in the centerish area. You can think as mongrels as being on one side and as the exact opposite type of people being on the other. Who seem to me anyway, to be. Well being destroyed by the governments in various ways. Poverty, crime, a criminal record, no good jobs for them. Allowed to be taken advantage of in various ways, kept poor and working, etc. Nothing is perfect or 100 percent in this type of thing.


But a somewhat correct statement none the less. Does not mean they are better. Just more kind and understand, and sympathetic, to other people. Kind of like these minors, who rush to someone’s aid to help them. Who get killed off now because of being concerned and trying to help. Another form of modern-day eugenics or culling the human herd. To better camouflage themselves as normal among us. To do more harm to normal human beings and have it considered the new normal. Not an organized mongrel thing. Just something they do.


Using the term mongrels makes people think anyway. It sticks pretty good to. As an overall generic umbrella terminology. You may think of there being certain correlations between being a Buddhist now and being a mongrel. That is not true. This is a religion-based problem to one degree or another, and not a mongrelism. This term is easy to misuse. Which I like. Because you cannot help but think “that’s wrong” then. I hope. You may not agree with anything or some things. I hope you get to stay that ignorant of things your entire life.


How do you tell if you are dealing with a mongrel? I don’t think it has anything to do with your skins colour or your sex, or nation, or political or religious beliefs. It has to do with what they do to people and you, when they can. Give them a break. They might come back later and kill you or rob you or whatever.


Can’t help but think of them as rabid dogs with bloody snouts. That stand and look like normal human beings though. That will do anything it can do. Even for entertainment and pleasure to harm you still, and others. When they can, and most likely have in past behaviors.


I have seen this female medic now in public around other people twice. She is not comfortable being alone with other people and me there. Someone who might confront her verbally anyway. She has no fellow pack of dogs with her, protecting her. So now she has no courage, so her cowardly nature comes out now. In packs they are vicious and extremely predatory, and parasitic. Including to the society, they are in, if they can be.


Also, extremely violent and murderous, when they can be in any way, or must be, if they think they can get away with it. They will kill a person by forcing that person to commit suicide, just for fun and entertainment or boredom, or they want to get down her or his pants, or whatever. Just because, is enough. Travel in packs and have some type of authority over certain people, or bully certain people maybe? Most likely. At work to. Might just be two people. Depends.



Some people are just like this for protection purposes, in a poor area, for example. Nothing is perfect and 100 percent. But at work, etc. Hurting, harming someone. That’s mongrels most likely or similar types now in close proximity to your life, and people, they may meet through you. Like your family, or relatives, or friends. Eventually former whatever’s, after these mongrels get through with that person. With there bloody snouts in various ways.


There cowardly nature can be an indication, that they feel inferior to you and must destroy you. You do not make them feel like a man for example. By being a man around them. Your mere presence does that to them, or one of that pact. They must destroy you now. Or just so use to hurting people. Other reasons to of course. When something bad happens. I do not hesitate to take over or say something to fix that. If I know how to.


So tomorrow a new drop in center is opening. (Sept 20 now. Not open yet. Slow moving I guess).  New drop in is owned by my formed employer and abusers who started all this. Allowed, made, all this to happen. It’s a Canarctic Graphics building that’s owner by Basically, the Yellowknifer local newspaper. Both buildings, Canarctic Graphics, and the Yellowknifer are hooked together, or were. A legal fiction basically, or it was, that they are separate buildings, and businesses.


Right across the street from Canarctic Graphics and the newspaper is the new drop-in center. My abusers who ruined my life and for years afterwards and still to today. To kept people harassing me. It was so bad there for me. They should have gone to prison. The owners and many employees. Jobless, to the point of suicide several time. Literally not allowed to sleep and such. Then the police and US/Canada military and such got involved. Up to there eyeballs in the fun and games to. Thousands of people literally here locally. It’s not tortures, it’s our fun and games and such. (job security, police state justification, etc.). Not one penny in compensation.


I have no internet access on Sundays right now. Or I would have put this out today Sept 9. Told some people though. The basics. First aider related information.


One more interesting thing. It is not “our” fault. It is the governments fault. We did not do this to our children. You were misled mostly. Link to video below. When she talks about multiple dads being in the picture. It was the government who encouraged young women especially to not want any man in her life. That he was not needed. It was even and especially taught in schools, magazines and on TV. Men to were made to feel useless and helpless.


Patriot Nurse link: Why Our Kids Are Becoming Killers? It's NOT What You THINK!


It was not the people, but the USA government who did this to children. All children. The great commie lie, or just another tool in the model day psy-ops playbook or a mistake when she says "we did this". A medical community was involved up to it's eyeballs in this too.


Communists and such likeminded people. Like to hide their great lie, by surrounding it with truths. It was not the people but the government who did what she explains to children.


By the USA government doing this to children. The US government gets to make this behavior, the new normal, or more of the new normal. To camouflage the US government worst behavior. Specifically, US politician’s worst behavior.


The medical community was involved up to its eyeballs in this to. Doing this to children. I found this out and informed the general public. Not one of them can forward and did this. Not one politician, nurse, doctor, police office, teacher. None. Drugging them up and such to, for money?


Patriot Nurse link: Why Our Kids Are Becoming Killers? It's NOT What You THINK!

It was not the people, but the USA government who did this to children. All children. The great commie lie, or lust another tool in the model day psy-ops playbook or a mistake when she says "we did this". A medical community was involved up to it's eyeballs in this too.

Communists and such like minded people, like to hide there great lie, by surrounding it with truths. It was not the people but the government who did what she explains to children.

By the USA government doing this to children. The US government gets to make this behavior, the new normal, or more of the new normal. To camouflage the US government worst behavior. Specifically US politicians worst behavior. Making kids less and less normal and moral shifting more into being more depraved and such.

The medical community was involved up to it's eyeballs in this to. Doing this to children. I found this out and informed the general public. Not one of them can forward and did this. Not one politician, nurse, doctor, police office, teacher. None. Drugging them up and such to, for money?


A update to the post I made yesterday. Just realized something else religious in nature. I watched a movie about Gandi and Indian. He did not believe in there cast system and in having "untouchables." As protrayed in that movie about him. I have some personal dealings with a person from india. In a pseudo governemnt organiation called "computers for schools". Like desktop computer or laptop computers to give to poor people basically. The current person running this day to day operation is from India. He was a local taxi driver before that. Says he is a Electrical Engineer now. Maybe he is.

He was friendly enough dealing with me. Until I refused his instructions years ago, to teach a class of adult how to use computers. As part of me getting Comptia A+ certification training there. Told him I have no interest, and that it is his job, to do basically (teach adults computers). He was never very friendly after that. Did his best to make me feel unwelcome and not wanted there. Did his best with his multicultural submanager also from India (looks like it). He had a bad attitude towards me to. A untouchable complaining and daring to speak back as far as I am concerned. Well the press show up after calling ahead I guess and then a white guy, was a local supervisor or whatever in the press story. Taxi driver was still in charge. Maybe he was for a while to. A supervisor that white guy. That taxi driver has lied to my face about me being allowed to be there, including by using age descrimination. He is older than I am.

Several times when I was going to a local super market in a local mall. A man from India would be there sometimes, dressed in a business suit. I noticed eventually that he was always making nasty comments about poor homeless poeple. Basically saying in various way we should not be allowed in the mall. (How disgusting we are and such basicallly). I realized this eventually (he meant me to) and got mad at him. Affter he did it a time or two more. Me and him ballig back and forth. He got mad fast I guess for a "untouchable" to him, dared to speak back.I think I said that to or something similar. Security, a black woman, came over and I told her basically. You are black and would you listen to him, without getting mad of him making comments about black people? He was doing the same thing about local "untouchables."

Never even seen him again after that. More than a year ago, maybe two years or more. So judge for yourself. Something to think and have to worry about when you are poor "a untouchable" in Canada anyway.

Dealing with the local staples, and some people working there from India, or they look like it. Bought a new laptop. It was not a new laptop. Got a extended warrenty for it. Tried to register at HP and it said at HP that basically. That it was in use already for basically 3 months (activated on something maybe then infected).

Because of the sales tactics they used there at that staples at least against me. I did not trust them, and suspected they might have wanted to sell me a used in store demo laptop, or something. Especially by the way they were acting towards me. I did talk for about for a week or so. That I needed to get a new laptop. I looked at the cardboard it was in, this supposed new laptop. The seal sticked was on it still (tape), and the cardboard was not damaged in any way. Like the seal had been torn off. All these people got to do, is contact some factor employee maybe family or friends, and have them throw in these HP cardboard packaging, as padding for some cargo container. Will put out copy of receipt and such after I finished registering. Busy now and needed to get copy of receipt for HP to fix this sort of.

Again not suitable to be in government or pseudo government organizations for various reasons. Like it is ok to take advantage of "untouchables". Who cares. Well when thay are like that.

One more example. The local Tim Hortons by Walmart here in Yellowknife. I don't even like going there anymore. I had to go there basically several times in a relatively short period of time. Again it looks like people who are from India working there, and choosing to take my order several times. I would get at least sick feeling afterwards, and I believe I was also being overcharged. Maybe from that country that seperated from India. Looked like they were from India anyway to me.


George Collins

Yellowknife NT


A Human Rights Activist


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  • Slow down, George, I have thought the same as you on many of your topics. We can't take on all the worlds problems at once; or single-handed... Please seek out a Christian Pastor there in Yellowknife and ask him to pray & chat with you. I did that here when I was strung-out and confused by all the crazyness around me..Jesus don't want you tweekin' and scared... Trust me on this, brother, I BEEN TERE<TOO !!!

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