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Giving feedback for postings on this site

We have a lot of new people recently, and I think it would be good to explain giving feedback to others for their postings to this site.

Everyone who's a member of Christians Like Me is encouraged to post things to the site for other members to read, getting encouragement, learning, posting a prayer request, writing a story, bringing a pertinent issue up for discussion, etc. These postings will frequently fit within one of the groups set up to organize the postings so please check the group listings before posting. Like, we have a group for prayer requests, one to post resources in, one for miracles, one for humorous things, altogether there are 39 groups and new members can learn a lot by reviewing the groups and joining the ones they feel led to.

When someone reads a posting, and they liked it, they should give feedback to the author by clicking on the "Like" button on the page of the item. If a person reading a post has something to add, or a question about the post, or really likes it and wants to let the author know this, they can post a Comment, writing up what they want to say in the box for this on the page. Don't forget to enter the comment with the button at the bottom of the comment.

Everyone who posts to this site really appreciates getting feedback thru Likes and Comments to what they've written. Without getting any feedback the author is less likely to post again, so please try and either Like or Comment on what you read here. All of us who post would seriously appreciate these simple actions immensely.

Pastor Rolf, Administrator

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  • Just like when I stopped coming on this site a long time one here seems to be interested in discussions....big reason I stopped checking in for so long....I mean if no one wants to discuss anything ...what's the use.

This reply was deleted.

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