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I am currently dealing with Gluttony issues which has been going on since I became a teenager, I have a binge eating problem which has only gotten worse as I have got older and I don't know how to overcome it. I'm so used to doing this that i have become accustomed to it, I feel like I need more than prayers to overcome my Gluttony issues, i'm not sure if this sin comes in other forms other than eating too much food but all it's doing is making me lazy,gaining weight and feeling insecure about myself, I am also really concerned that I will be sent to Hell because of my binge eating problem. I am also suffering with some sloth (laziness) issues as well and I don't know what to do.

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  • Alison, if you have committed yourself to Jesus, accepted Him as your personal Saviour confessed and repented of your sins, then you will NOT go to Hell, if that place actually exists.  Jesus died for our sins and Gluttony and Sloth are both sins, but sins that you have been forgiven for.  That problem taken care of, I would suggest contacting the counsellor at  your church, if it does not have one then find a church that does.  You could also make a start by praying that the Spirit give you more energy, to overcome your sloth.  Alison, you really do need to get yourself up and active, get involved and don't rely on food to justify yourself, or comfort you, that's the Spirit's job.  Pastor Rolf undertakes counselling through e-mail, maybe you should think about contacting him.

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