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hello again

hello,,its been awhile.... ive missed you all here,, but its not gone without my studying ive brought back learning and new quest for learning,,

I know this season is hard on some here its a difficult time for a lot of people, recently myself I'm dealing with some health issues that are a bit

overwhelming to say the least.scary things we all face I guess .The Development of the Canon of the New Testament Tertullian: Marcion each fathers of Christianity marcion even knew paul its a strange thing. when I can see clearly the old testament G-D isn't the same as Jesus they are truly different in attributes,,, something I'm diving into these days

I was thinking about how we can find the beginning that place to look for the truth. and I was looking at
First off we have to really come to an understanding that each point made from all people in any region of point speaks as to what they see and understand to be true. Secondly we all have angles to view and those angles represent where we are in our want to learn and to even grasp many things that take building blocks to reach, as a builder would create a foundation so we are as people mass, partials  all just elements swirling around together with life and with death, as we do each day with choices we make and matters we face and discoveries we reach like this reaching any place any answer for ourselves is simply just that.

Oh it truly is science, do let me be with a fine line in that way pointing out that likened to our designer we are deigned.  ive studied from Mesopotia to the old languages..trying to follow the ball.,,,,,its hard to really examine something and share it without others not just merely examing it,, but when its too close to home and its too much of sense,,it can be a tuff ball to chase, cause you know that's the sort of ball folks like terullia maybe sounded like liked to toss way out into the water for no one to find.but 

our origin is that of colors and frequencies and robust rheological  escapades of ecstatic's that often catch itself landing with the same laws seekers find seekers. sloths find sloths...laws have ticky ways of grouping us as we place ourselves in those groups as we view what we cant understand we face it ,,it may not in fact be what we are but its where we look into and at that point we have to be careful not to own what we see and recognize location that is where we possess our more grounding and navigational power.

Ever wonder?, not just stay where you are claiming a thing to believe but  as to only look into the point of truth til the dot in the center on the circle come into focus......

and there under the microscope is the light the cell the life  but that light also came from an outside source too...

measurement calls light or,,,another name is,,  The lumen...the lumen can be thought of casually as a measure of the total "amount" of visible light in some defined beam or angle, or emitted from some source
but theres just something there.  I don't know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yup sounds like jades quandary's then it could be that we just all have belly buttons and that closed,,,ehe

. I hear something from my hematologist 27th  so hoping for some good news.

snow is beautiful things are all white a its perfect weather for a few logs on the fire and some hot chocolate,,mmm and I'm praying you all have a warm Christmas

and will check back in soon..


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  • Hi again Jade, lovely to have you back.

    "The Development of the Canon of the New Testament Tertullian: Marcion each fathers of Christianity marcion even knew paul its a strange thing. when I can see clearly the old testament G-D isn't the same as Jesus they are truly different in attributes,,, something I'm diving into these days"

    Indeed Jade, the Old Testament majored on 'The One True God', but you know, even in the Old Testament, He was always the Trinity, the three in one.  The OT mentions the Spirit of God many times, indeed in the very first chapter of the Torah in the second verse, tells us that the Spirit of God was 'hovering over the waters'.  There are also several appearances of Jesus in the OT  He seems to have appeared as '“the Angel of the Lord” in Gen 16:7;  also in Gen 12:7; 17:1; 19:1.  It may have been Jesus who appeared as the Angel of Yahweh who appeared to Moses in the flame of fire in Exodus 3:2.  There are far too many appearances of 'The Angel of the Lord' to list here but if you go to and search for that phrase you will get a list of them all.  In Daniel 3:24–28, it is agreed that it was Jesus who King Nebuchadnezzar and his courtiers saw as the fourth man in the furnace.  Over a hundred and fifty appearances in the OT Jade, anywhere that God wishes to appear in some form to man is actually Jesus.  There are many pages on the internet where you can get more detail on this.

    Of course the same goes for the Holy Spirit which is mentioned many times in the OT, it was the Spirit of God that hardened Pharos's heart in Exodus for instance. 

    As you say, each person has their own version of truth, something I keep saying, "truth id variable, facts are set in stone".  What is truth to a Muslim is not truth to us, different denominations have their own truths.  This is why we need to examine the evidence, the facts, the first-hand witness statements, history books, in fact any reliable source we can find.  Yes my friend I do get excited when some research suddenly brings a truth into focus, I used to get excited when an experiment confirmed a hypothesis that I had formulated, and I still get a kick out of boiling away all of the extraneous material to find a fact left in the bottom of the evaporation dish.

    The last time we had snow here where we live was 1982 so it is very unlikely that we will see everything white, but we will stay warm.  Personally I rather hate snow, I hate anything cold and/or wet, and snow is both.  Let me wish you a very happy and peaceful Hanukkah Jade, we will be lighting candles on Saturday night, I guess you will also.  Bless you and I will pray that you get good news on the 27th.

  • It's so nice to hear from you, my beloved sister Jade! I still don't understand you and your Spiritual mindset very well, but thats ok, just keep on coming and the Holy Spirit will guide us all into Truth and True Faith in Jesus Christ. Amen. We will all be praying for nothing but Good News from the medical people concerning your physical issues. We'll chat soon!

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