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Horror Movies

Is it a sin to watch Horror movies? I admit that I tend to watch them sometimes and actually enjoy watching some of them, of course for entertainment purposes only but lately, I guess you could say that since I decided to recommit my life to Christ, I have been unsure about whether I should keep watching them or not. As much as I enjoy watching some Horror movies, apart of me feels that it's not something that our Lord would approve of and that it would displease God. Are my instincts about Horror movies right or am I just overthinking it?

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  • Personally, my interests are in the movies that have some age to them, like at least say from the 60's and before. I like the Horror genre from back then if you avoid anything of the occult and stick to your regular old stand up monsters, like Frankenstein, the Wolfman, the Japanese Godzilla, etc. which when a child I used to get plenty scared by but now really find them quite campy but entertaining nevertheless. All entertainment needs to be filtered out for any content of the devil in it, like the occult, same sex garbage, promoting forbidden activities, etc. snd yes the more modern the film, the more it seems it has content that violates God's rules for behavior, which is why I watch a lot of old cowboy movies.

    • Rolf there is one show that we have didcovered that is good family entertainment, it's 'Lost in Space' no swearing, no sex, and no same sex stuff, just good old spaceships and aliens.

      • I'll have to check it out. I remember an old show with the same name, with the famous line about "being lost, Will Robinson" or something like that and an old robot with 2 arms that came out from its side perfectly perpendicular that waved around aimlessly, remember that one? I watched it a lot. Probably still on. I like the old stuff, and stick to it.


        • Yes, it's the same show, but updated.  I used to watch it with my kids also, I think the line you were thinking of was . "Danger Will Robinson, danger!"  This show has all of the same characters Mr & Mrs Robinson, who were separated but are coming back together, the three kids, including Will Robinson, and Dr. Smith, who is a woman this time but still the baddie who builds a relationship with Will and Phil the pilot.  The story line is basically the same but they have shaken it up a bit, won't spoil it.

          Another show we have been watching is a political thriller called 'Designated Survivor' with Keifer O'Sullivaan, there is very little swearing or sex in that one as well.  O'Sulivan has been designated the survivor when the whole government gets killed off in a bomb attack on the Capitol Building.  He takes a fresh, non party-political line as President, and the series is about how he handles each crisis as a non-political President (he was Housing Spokesman or something like that).  I do like this one.



          • I will try and check them out along with my Wagon Train and Gunsmoke reruns.


  • Only 2 kinds of horror movies: (1) demons doing evil...making vampires; monsters etc   (2) people possesed by them doing evil (making a zombie virus; mad scientist ,etc.) Why infect yer mind with that ? you may start lucid dreaming that stuff.  (it happens)   The joy you say you feel means yer already feeling the rush of power the monsters/vampires/witches have over mortals and craving it. People who feel inadequate or shy or ignored gravitate to these stories because a nobody can make a deal with the darkside and suddenly become rich; beautiful  and have power....Stop being hypnotised... If ya gotta do fantasy, watch Wonder Woman or Super Girl instead of  Zombie soul-stealers from Hell.....You become what you feed your mind...Any drug counselor knows that... B/Blest and watch, "Oprah !" or "Ninja-Turtles"   

    • I could not agree with you more Martin.  TV and movies seem to be fixated on zombies and the occult of late, zombies created by virus or by toxins, global warming, as if we didn't have enough upset our minds.  Personally I avoid horror all together, yes I have watched some of the superhero movies, which are entertaining, but by choice it's 'believable' science fiction for me.  Love Star Trek, the documentary style of 'Mars', 'The Martian'.  I have watched Star Wars, but not too keen, I think it's the bit about 'The Force' that puts me off.  I was so disappointed in the resurrection of 'Star Trek Discovery', the franchise has always been a good clean family show, but this starts down the road of same-sex relationships and has profanities in it, that's not what Star Trek is about. Star Trek has always been theoretical physics based or fact based, which is my standing measure for any Science Fiction program, if a movie or show strays into the realm of fantasy, it gets dumped, can't stand fantasy.


  • If you 'feel' it's something you shouldn't be watching, and you go ahead and watch anyway, then it can be a sin to you.

    We in Christ Jesus receive little 'urges' by The Holy Spirit, and most often those translate into inward feelings that something just ain't right. We can choose to listen to those or deny them. If we keep denying them, then why should The Holy Spirit continue trying to warn and guard us from what is evil? We can cut that bridge off. Or we can make it stronger by listening to and heeding The Holy Spirit.

    I know when God put the urge into me to get down to serious Bible study, I cut out watching just about everything. I didn't have cable even, just a VCR. I was very selective with what I watched and what I allowed my sons to watch. It definitely conflicted with serious Bible study.


  • I would say that your instincts about Horror movies are right, we have watched bits of a couple by accident and they seem disturbing to me.  I really would not want to continue watching them.  What goes in through our eyes and our ears always affects our minds and that affects our soul.

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