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I get into conversations about what the church is pretty regularly because I initiate it when people start complaining about past experiences with the church or speaking about things in their church, or ..... there are many reasons to get to the point of what really is The Church and go from there in a conversation.

What do you see Scripture saying about this topic?

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  • The church of Christ is the physical one and all whom believe, amen.  

    Most people think that the church is an earthly organization with its hierarchical echelon, peculiar practices and a body of priests with their mystical performances and with elaborate building for their Templar worship. In that case, surely, the Church of Rome is definitely the best. But the CHURCH of Christ is SPIRITUAL, NOT natural and it is composed ONLY by people that HE came to save, HIS people: "And she shall bring forth a son, and you shall call his name JESUS: for he shall save HIS people from their sins." (Mat 1:21)

  • Sister Annette, All the years of my dating and marriage to my husband his dad believed that the church was the building.  He didn't believe in having fellowship dinners in the designated fellowship hall even.  That to him was a sacrilege. But for me and my belief that the church is more of a family with JESUS or GOD at the head as the Bible says the husband, then second in line is our husband on earth and on and on.  Also to me though the church is all of the hearts and minds of the congregation being of like mind and heart where it comes  to their belief and love for our FATHER in Heaven, as if we are all of one heart and mind.  I know that somewhere I might just find scripture to back up at least part of my beliefs but I haven't looked. I'm sorry.


    • Hi Terry, I wonder if some of the scripture you're thinking of is Ephesians 5:22-33. I love that you mentioned the unity that the church has. That is something so precious.

  • The Church is a beautiful entity, a mystery. A living organism of true believers gifted and working together for the building up of the Kingdom of God. That is how I define The Church... what some refer to as the Invisible Church.

    As we meet together for worship in our own communities around the world there is the church - the combination of wheat and tares as spoken of in the parable in Matthew. Here too Derek we refer to the building where we meet as the church. For identification purposes I suppose it is helpful. I like that word Ecclesia, we use the word fellowship for our small part of the body. I say "our fellowship meets at..... " when discussing it. 

    The Church has great purpose which can only be accomplished as we work together. 

  • In general when the word "church" is used in scriptures it is usually a translation of ekklesia, which is more correctly translated "assembly" (a group or congregation of believers).  It is the called out ones.  The exact number is not an issue nor is their exact location a matter.  In our modern thinking we often have a building in mind and perhaps the doctrines of a specific sect that may use it.

    The earliest Christians often gathered in various homes or even a field.

  • Well it seems to me, it depends on the context.  Most people here seem to think of the their local building when they say 'church', they confuse the building with those who attend.  One problem is that we don't have a suitable word to describe the building, and I must admit that I prefer to call the members of any local church the 'fellowship'.  The other context is to think of the 'Church' as the universal Body of Christ, which few people, even Christians seem to understand.  I do not really like the word 'Church' to indicate the body, this came about as a mistranslated codex way back.  The original Greek word that was translated 'church' was 'Ekklesia'   (modern spelling 'ecclesia'), which, although is now mostly translated as 'church' it was originally subtly different.   The original Greek is translated as; "a calling out", in pre-Christian times in Greece it was used to denote those who were 'set apart' to serve on the council of Athens.  Personally I would love the Body of Christ to regard themselves as the Ecclesia.

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