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How far did he travel whilst on Earth?

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Over the decades I have occasionally came across books and literature that teach a story about Jesus, prior to his general ministry, traveling to distant lands.  One of these is called, "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ", which claims to have been derived from the misty "Akashic Records" by a certain Levi.  This book tells a story of a young Jesus traveling and teaching in India among the various castes, and even Tibet.  Jesus later visits other folks in Greece.  I think this account is created mainly to give more respect to Eastern beliefs and to try to blend these with Christianity.

There are also stories about a young Jesus traveling with Joseph of Arimathea, his uncle, to parts of the British Isles.  It is said that Joseph was a tin merchant. There is more plausability of this account as even before the Roman era ships from Phoenicia and Greece made it into the Atlantic.  There is also some evidence that a blood relationship existed between Joseph and the family of Jesus.  These people were all close relatives.  The exact truth for these stories is disputable but I believe there is an urge to fill in the space of time between the time Jesus was 12 and his late 20s, so they come up with stories to fill the time space.  The canon gospels were written between about 60 and 92 AD by the apostles and their followers and these are pretty silent on what Jesus was doing until he was near 30.  These gospels mainly focus on the ministry of Jesus, our Savior.

I personally think it very likely that Jesus never strolled beyond Mt. Hermon in the North and in the East to just parts of Arabia.  I would say as a young child he might have lived near the banks of the Nile in Egypt, which is the most remote location for the South.  In the synoptic Gospels we read the story of the Transfiguration of Jesus (see Matthew 17) and some have suggested the Mount mentioned is Mt. Tabor, while others suggest much taller Mt. Hermon.  Mt. Hermon figures in some Second Temple Literature (i.e. 1 Enoch).  I think Jesus had some reasons for visiting Mt. Hermon that are not usually mentioned but that is another issue.

What are your opinions on these things.

Pastor Zomok

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