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I found something

I think I bumped into this place ,,,not sure now been some time, and ive wrestled with a lot of issues 

from about every item to creation existence of G-D and sin and ,,wow elements the whole gammit...

been hashing things out in the start with Rolf he gave me some thoughts ,,, Dr. derek  and have been playing philosophical biblical bible pingpong

for manyyyyy moons now.. and science is a subject I just knew hands down id have him nailed down at.

surely measurement will sow this whole silly subject up and  we can all go home. but ... then there was this wrench,,, seems I just couldn't find a tool to measure faith.

and I got nervous started loosing my hope... got concerned and and before long I was asking for help...[[[ which by the way]]] kinda defeats the effort when your trying to use self strength to  be your own savoir [[so to speak]]],,,, unbeknowth to myself ,,,and yes that's a word,,,,a made it up last year,,,,eh in this exhausting journey ,I found something..

or some one  or thing idk,,,

but it found me its warm delightful kind and contentment inside and all I did was give up... crazy hey?  I cryed uncle.... I don't understand sin I don't understand the Christian ways I'm a Jew. I just gave up. and cryed out help me. save me. teach me love me I don't know what I'm doing. and theres no instructions needed.

maybe ill understand who Jesus is or Yeshua  or maybe I wont...I don't understand a lot of things ,,,,many things I do that I can measure. either way bothers me none

its a oneness I have inside ,,like you have when you swallow electricity  can it happen? idk?  can you feel a surg OF COURSE   does it give you power YES is it yours NO

is it warm yaa  do you glow  ya ya do,, can you explain it I ,,,don't think so,,, cause its the kind of charge that isn't grounded on this world... and it doesn't hurt...

it just feels oneness and its not even an emotion ,,,its just a reality and life goes on and you realize...........

you found something cause its not changing.... circumstances are  sadness comes goes your still alive human feel ,, but what you found is still there.

...I came here ,,way  long time back,, I'm glad I did,,, I found something...

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  • Jade, when I read your message yesterday, I felt like crying, I was so happy for you, and I felt so humbled that God had used me in some small way, just as He used Rolf, to be an instrument of His love.  I wish I could pop over there to Alaska and give you a big welcome hug.  We on CLM are all rejoicing, but do not think we are the only ones, because in heaven the angels are rejoicing also:

    Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”  [Luke 15:10]
    Rejoice in the Lord sister, and again I say rejoice.
  • You found JESUS! And, I m so glad you did!!! You're saved, Sweet Sister Jade! Praise be unto God! Now, stay on the path, learn at your own speed and in your own special way (He will meet you right there) and ask questions.

    Lord thank you so much for saving Jade from this world, for forgiving all her sins, and for charting out a path for her life now! AMEN.

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