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Hello everybody.  I became a Christian this year and one of the things I am curious about is whether or not it matters what denomination of Christianity you are. I live near two churches, one is Catholic and the other is of the Church of England, and I'm not which one I should go to. I am aware of many differences between different denominations, but I don't know whether or not there is a 'right or wrong' when it comes to this.

I've seen videos online saying negative things about different types of Christians, and the main thing that is often mentioned is that Catholics supposedly practice idolatry, and this displeases God. Is this true? Or does God see all Christians as equal regardless of whatever denomination they follow?

I do not mean any offence to anyone by asking these questions.

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  • If you get into God's Holy Writ for yourself, line upon line, asking His help in understanding through His Son Jesus Christ, then you will know which is the 'right' Church.

    Denominations are man's thing, and I mean that in a nice way. Their main job is to preach The Gospel to those who haven't yet heard, and to feed the flock. All of them preach The Gospel, but some feed their flocks better than others. If you're studied in God's Word for yourself, you will know which is which.

    As a believer on Christ Jesus, you should eventually be able to share The Gospel with others, i.e., to witness Jesus. But your calling might be something else in working for Jesus.

    In my opinion, those able to study should at minimum have a Bible they can go into the original languages with. I use the 1611 KJV Bible because one reason is that Dr.James Strong assigned a number to each word in the Hebrew and Greek and gave definitions for each one. Thus I highly recommend using a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance as a minimum study tool. BibleSoft has a lot of good study tools available you can run on your computer, and it helps cover a lot quickly.


    • Thanks for the recommendation Dave. 

    • Dave I hate to break this to you, but the 1611 KJV was in no way a translation of any original language.  The 1611 Bible was a update of a previous KJV that had so many mistakes it was almost banned.  However the original KJV was a translation of Latin Volgate (Latin) and that was a translation of an early late first century Greek text.  Although it wasn't classic Greek, which was assumed at the time, but a hibread language called Hebraic Greek, which was generally spoken in Israel in the first century.

      I agree that Strong's is an essential study tool, and it's surprising what you find out just by looking up words, sometimes it changes the whole meaning of a verse, just by one word.  You really need to read a church's statement of faith (easy now most churches have web-sites) before you go, and if you have any questions, e-mail them.  If you feel it's the right thing, attend as a visitor for a month or two, see how it feels, see if your spirit reacts to anything, good or bad. 

      N.B. There is no such thing as a perfect church, or if you do find one, don't join, because you'll mess it up.  The problem is churches are so ofthen run by humans, and not by God.

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        • Dave, the rules state that we are not allowed to post links that take the reader 'off-site' other than exceptional circumstances, for reference purposes.  If you use other sites please use the name of the site rather than the page address, which is converted to a link. Can you please edit this post above without the direct link, thanks.

          However my point stands, the KJV is no more accurate than many others, in fact with the recent discovery of early texts has led to several versions being more accurate than the KJV, hence the NKJV.




          • I have to disagree with ideas that the Alexandrian texts I assume you refer to being better simply because being earlier than the Greek Textus Receptus that was used for the KJV Authorized Bible. I also disagree with the notion that the KJV New Testament didn't use the Greek manuscripts when the translators did use Erasmus' translation from the Greek Textus Receptus.

            From what I've read, the Alexandrian texts were few in number and not well used, whereas the Textus Receptus Greek texts are the majority of early Greek manuscripts, and show wider usage through early Christian history. The Alexandrian texts lack many passages in the New Testament which the Textus Receptus has, for example Hebrews ends at Hebrews 9:14 in the Alexandrian texts. Thus in my opinion, the Alexandrian texts are not even a complete New Testament.


            • Furthermore, though I did not come here to debate about which Bible is better, I cannot let it go that you made a false statement with, "the 1611 KJV was in no way a translation of any original language". That simply is a complete falsehood, and it suggests to me that you may have an unfounded hatred against the Textus Receptus used for the 1611 KJV Bible like Hort and Wescott did.


              • Dave I hold no hatred against any 'Translation' of the Bible, I am simply pointing out that there are over two hundred English Bibles available, some good some no so.  Personally I use several Translations, which gives me a better idea of what the scriptures are saying.  My favourite is the ESV (which is close to the NKJV) but I also use the YLT, the Jewish Bible and Hebrew Bible as well as several others.  The only versions I do not like are the 'Paraphrased' versions like the Living Bible and the Good News Bible for Modern Man, which are little more that someone's opinion.  God has protected the core message of His word, it is only man who has altered, by choice or accident, the detail.


              • Yes, debating which text to use or is "better"  can bring disharmony to the body of Christ. We all have our favorites, mine is NKJV but I hold the folks who swear by nothing but the KJV as the Authorized Word of God to beupright, holy people. Lets not let our emotions get ahold of our intellect regarding these issues which it seems it is starting to do.

  • Malachy The denomination does not matter, but what does matter is the teaching and whether they teach what the Bible says or some version of it. I have known Church of England churches that are good, but others that teach their own brand of Christianity, the problem with the large organisational churches is that dictate what should be taught. I left the C of E back in the nineties because they decided that they supported evolution and not what Genesis teaches. I started into the ministry when I was attending C of E church in St. Helens, I did the first year as a part-timer and then backed out before it became full time, because they taught something that was not scriptural.
    As to the Roman Catholic Church, I don't think they are any better, yes they also disobey God by having idols, they disobey God by praying to statues and bowing down to them and in my book that breaks the first commandment too. My advice would be to find an independent fellowship that believes the literal sense of God's word, a church that are not Christians just on Sunday, but one that is a family under Christ. If you look on the internet under Christian Fellowships you will find many and can see the ones near you. Most churches have a web-site and often you can get a sense of what they believe through the site, check what version of the Bible they use, if they use any of the paraphrased versions, alarm bells start ringing for me. Bibles like the 'Good News' (for modern man), 'The Message', The Living Bible' or the New Living Bible, all have huge problems. The ESV, NIV, New King James or KJV are OK as long as the Bible is a literal version.

    • Thanks for the advice Derek.

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