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Independently Dependent!

Believers are to be independent of one another, yea, of all others, even of self and our present condition (pleasant or difficult) when it concerns dependence on sustenance. This is that on which we rely the most to keep us upheld in all things and at all times—which should be God Himself, and not even His blessings, though they are mandatory and always follow!

When we see receiving from Him as greater than our service to Him we walk in His blessings and use them to serve Him, as our pleasure, not as our sustenance. That would be putting His blessings and our works before Himself.  Believers are to be dependent on love to one another (Ro 13:8), but independent of one another concerning sustenance.

Our love to one another in Christ is the sole manifestation of love to God (Jhn 13:35) and is preeminent in all works (Jhn 15:12), but reliance on strength, encouragement and sustenance are to be in Himself!

Therefore concerning sustenance we are independent from self, all others and all things that we might be dependent on God, who never disappoints! When we are dissatisfied, our sustenance at the time is not Himself but someone or something else, and we should find this to be a repetitious instruction in our lessons within the school of Scripture.

May the Father give us to be so dependent on Him that we find ourselves continually becoming more independent from all else, holding onto Him only.

Blessings of praise be from us to God and His Son by Their precious Spirit!


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