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Judges 11

Judges 11- anyone ever hear a sermon on this ? Before I give my view on why I think it's the most misunderstood story ever. I'd like to get some input from others..Here's a hint ! The jews thought this was so awesome they put it in the Bible and got the message totally wrong...( they were good at that)...I believe the phrase,"Kill the messenger" was invented by the Hebrews...

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  • I think the question is, why didGod include this in scripture, or in canon of our Bible?  Was the point a "How to," or a "How not to do."?

  • Jephthah offered his daughter as a burnt offering, this in the Old testament is literal, Romans 12 :1-3 Offer your bodies like a living sacrifice, the NT equivalent of a burnt offering.
    He kept his vow, but he could have redeemed his vow. As a Father he could have had authority over his daughter and nullified the vow, he made the vow and not her.
    He could have said “Burning children like the Canaanite nations, is an abomination to the Lord.

    Today’s application would be, even with the big picture of an redemptive overview of scripture, does this story show:

    • Obedience “swear to your own hurt and change not” Proverbs.

    • Showing the foolishness of the judges (good and bad thus our sinful nature).

    • Showing the sin of Israel and God’s power to deliver because they cried out to the Lord for mercy.

    • Showing that when we sin, God gives the enemy a foothold in our lives, allowing Satan to oppress us.

    • Preserving a people so that the Messiah could come through the line of Judah. This too is Kingdom overview of scripture.

    • God was acting according to covenant of Deuteronomy 28-30. Obedience brings blessings and disobedience brings curses. Which is also a covenant overview of scripture.

  • Hi. How do you mean "kill the messenger"? Were can I read this verse in Judges? Why do you think that this people are capable to lie to their Holy One True God? 

    • Sorry Michel, I didn't get to explain that right away. All through history God called the Jews a stubborn & stiffnecked people known for killing His messengers (prophets) It's not in the story ..I was making reference to their adamant legalism and "By the book" inflexibility.Even today the Jews still admire Jep like he's some kind of hero instead of the arrogant ,over-proud killer he was.Remember the many times Jesus was repremanded by the Sadducees for bending custom to heal or comfort someone ? Jeb thought he'd be another Abraham and sacrifice a child only in his case because God did not command it. His daughter laid down her young life for her Fathers sins.She begged for a stay of execution to go up into the hills with the other virgins to pray & prepare. To this day Jewish girls replay her last days each year to honor her. The Jews didn't think her name was worth mentioning in the story they added to that book of Moses.  Like Dr.D said, Jep could have backed out of his drunken boast but his prestigue was too important. He could have killed himself since he thought our God was that merciless & bloodthristy. He wanted to impress his troops . His same attitude was in the hearts of the people of Jesus day and that's why God let the Romans disperse them from the promised land. We are only told she was a virgin and obeyed her Fathers command.. And he is still viewed as a righteous man who despite everything, kept his vow... By hyppocrites and sanctimoneous pedagogues everywhere. Saddest tale in the Bible, I think !

      • There is of course one point that many could benefit from today; the simple fact of the obedience to one's parents.  Far to many offspring today do not either obey or honour their parents, a very sad state of affairs, and certainly here in the UK, the government reinforce disobedience by taking to responsibility away from the parents.  But then we are charged to love and care for them and not lead them into evil or danget as Jephthah did.

        • Hello my friends, every things that has happened yesterday, shall repeated today and tomorrow. There is no time for look back in the pass for changing nothing today. Today if any denominations in this world cannot preached the Three Angels Messages, By the end, Jesus shall ask them. Read carefully Revelation 12:17 and 14:12. Ask yourself if you are one of them.

          • Michel, it is possibly me, but could you clarify how this relates to the avove discussion please, I really don't see the connection between either my reply or the main question.  Please excuse me.


            •  My friends, Sorry for entering in this debate about judge 11. Because always when I begin to a topic, the most of all it brings me to the end of the world. To the Three Angels Messages. And Revelation 18:4. 

              • Keep going I will read and keep silence. Thanks.

                • Michel, my friend, please don't be silent, but we do need to keep on subject, so your post just confused me.  Please read the chapter about Jephthah and come back with a comment on what you think about the story.  Bless you for taking part, and I look forward to reading more from you.

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