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Just A General Introduction

Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment and write a little introduction of myself and make a few mentions of a few things. 


Firstly, I am new to Christian forums, in general, and what I have found here thusfar at CLM regarding interface and overall feel is most defenitely at the top of any forum I have found so far. Great job!


My overall goal is to engage in some discussions (some will be a bit more difficult to swallow than others) that will solely revolve around what a Christian like Christ looks like today versus almost 2,000 years ago and if it has held true or not.


I am also eager to meet new people here on the forum to build a Christ centered fellowship with.


Thanks for having me!


In peace and Love



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  • Good morning. Thanks to those who gave me a warm welcome. I have most of my information about myself in my profile. I am looking for Christian and/or Catholic friendships because I want to eventually be completely free of Facebook. Right now, I am in the process of saving all my late husband, Scott and I's, pictures from there. It has taken quite a bit of time thus far. Plus many other things have taken priority, lately. I would love to hear from y'all. God's peace and blessings, Liz.

    • It's good to have you with us Liz, we are a non-denominatinal group here, and are seekers of truth rather than dogma.  I think our members are just about the nicest group of people you would wish to meet.  As web-sites go we are more of a family, so welcome to the family.


    • Being engaged and preparing for marriage would be a priority! Congratulations. I am a widow myself and it's encouraging to hear about your engagement as I read in your profile. In the Grief group here you could perhaps be a real encourager.

  • Hey there, thought I'd say Hello back! Welcome to the site :-) I am also new here and share your goal of engaging in Christian discussions and connecting with more of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

    God bless you!

  • Welcome

    • Thank you!

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