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One of the proof texts used by those that cherish the Traditional view of "hell" as an eternal torture chamber for the unsaved is Matthew 25:46.  In the King James Translation it is worded---

"And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal".

Nearly all the popular translations render this verse much the same way and it does seem to lend support to the traditional view but if this is so then it contradicts or at least seems a paradox when compared to clear cut verses that say something else, for example, Romans 6:23 says--

"The wages of sin is DEATH but the gift of God through Christ Jesus is eternal Life."

Romans 6:23 is clear and essentially the same in every translation, moreover, it mirrors the words of Genesis 2:17, and those of Yeshua, Himself, in John 3:16. Like it or not these verses trump Matthew 25:46, the odd one out (unless eternal death is the punishment). Not only this, the work of Yeshua/Jesus on the cross Historically verifies that He took the very penalty for sin as prescribed: DEATH..  Yeshua did not burn in Hell for even a week, yet he did suffer and die for ALL sin!!!  The unsaved sinner cannot suffer more than the savior did for sin. If you believe an unsaved sinner will suffer more then Christ did then you are actually slapping Christ in the face!!  You better think on this!! Frankly I think the traditional view is disproved.

I trust that I have worded things clearly.  With the above in mind, is Matthew 25:46 rendered correctly or is this simply a standard opinion of the majority party line? I think it is the second choice.  There are some scholarly translations that render this verse differently.  Look at Young's Literal Translation for Matt. 25:46--

"And these shall go away to punishment age-during, but the righteous to life age-during."

Now you can see that this is very different then most of the popular translations and the KJV, although it is still not in line with Romans 6:23, because it suggests that the penalty is remedial chastisement instead of death. Needless to say, this wording by Robert Young does not support the traditional view of Hell and probably is closer to what Yeshua was getting at, although he did not speak in Koine Greek.  Robert Young is the author of Young's Analytical Concordance and was not simply an uneducated eccentric. There are also many other translations that support Young's basic wording. 

It needs to be clear that the word "everlasting" is simply not in the text of Matthew 25:46.. The Greek word "Aionios" is an adjective of "Aion" (age).  It is not even a plural for "Aion".  Even if it could be translated as "eternal" it would have meant "eternal death" to fit with Romans 6:23 anyways. Here I will post a screen shot of an interliner text of Matthew 25:46

What was Yeshua saying in his Aramaic/Hebrew?  I think he was simply saying that at that point the good receive the highest possible life for that point of time, and the rest get the worse whipping or pruning that is possible for that time (or the ages). Also there is no proof for the argument that the penalty is equal in duration for the Zoen (life).  For one thing, the word "kolasin" is meant as a chastening...or a cutting away.  Strong's numbers can be seen in the photo above and can be used for word study.

pastor Zomok

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  • With the Lord taking upon him our sins and resurrection so we can be forgiven and go to Heaven it is our choice to go to Heaven or not. The Lord can be merciful and show us the way to him and be loving because of his mercy 2000 years ago. So allot of people don't realize the other side of the Lord which is his Kingly side. We see that in Exodus. I believe the lord is letting us choose. What ever decision we make to accept him or no or serve him or not he has a place for us. I understand it as why would you want people around you who don't love you and don't want to be there? Plus it is about faith as well. Some people their heart is so hard from circumstance that they cannot receive Jesus into their hearts even if they try. That's why the Lord tells us to be good to them and help people because that just might warm their heart enough for them to receive Jesus in their heart.

    The Lord Bless You, In Jesus Name.

  • Revelations Chapter 20: Hell is referred to many things in the Bible. Sheol,Hades and abyss to name a few. Well in Chapter 20 of revelations we see that satan will be thrown into the Abyss it says and the abyss locked up until the thousand year reign of Jesus is over. Then he will be let out to try and deceive the nations again. After that he will be thrown into the LAKE OF BURNING SULFUR, THE SECOND DEATH, it says. It say's it is where the beast and false prophet where thrown and they would be tormented forever.  Then it goes on to talk about the Great white Throne Judgment and all the dead resurrecting from the Sea, Death, Hades. Death and Hades was thrown into the Lake of Fire as well as any ones name not found in the Book Of Life. 

    we see here in just this Scripture alone that there is holding places where the people go after they pass away and in the future we will have a Great white thrown Judgment where those people will resurrect and be judged according to their deeds as well as weather their name is in the Book Of Life.

    So yes there is a Hell. Hell is just a holding place until the Judgment day (Great White Throne) Then there is the second death, where those not in the Book of Life will be thrown. The Lake Of Burning Sulfur or Lake Of Fire the Bible say's. The Bible say's in that Lake of fire is Torment forever. Remember the Lord's ways are above our ways and also his thoughts. There is a reason he is God and we are not. To think that we could fully understand him or his abilities is impossible. Even thinking about the ability of God to be everywhere at ounce in the universe and God being inside every Born again believer on Earth and being in Heaven as well. Those things are hard to understand.

    The Bible says there will be no sorrow or pain in Heaven but it say's above that in the Lake Of fire the people thrown there will be tormented forever. The bible also says that the first time the Lord came to earth it was as a humble lamb to die for our sins. The next time he comes it will be as a Lion the bible says. As a King to rule with an iron rod the bible says. The bible says if any nation does not come to Jerusalem and worship Jesus at a certain time every year the country the person is from will have no rain. Also we have the Country of Egypt in the Book Of Exodus.

    The Lord loves us but he is also a King. He is not a pushover.

    The Lord Bless you in Jesus Name.

  • I will soon post another blog or discussion on this subject and it will further show just how wrong the traditional position is...
  • wow this is not true the rich man begged to come out of hell ...he suffered for ever and u change the teaching which jesus taught by preaching doctrines of option....because u are a fraid to preach hell ....or are willing to compromise the scripture..too sooth people.when in revelations it plainly say death and hell will give up the people in it...rev 20:13((( how is it giving up something that is not supposed to be in it after jesus as u said....))) even in the old testement times of moses :deuteronomy 32:22 for a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume the earth with her inchrease, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains...

    how many people know that volcanos use to be mountains at one time and the fire ball core of the exsplodes cause earth quakes and haiti's which means grave or hell or the lower in the fact but now the things im saying can be theory....jesus can walk through walls as a spirit when sin was on him it was heavy and instead of rising and going up he went down...being a spirit which means he can move transparent through other elements so he sinked because the sin that was in him down into then if we aint freed from sins when we die it weigh us down in spirit where we sink into hell thats why they called the grave hell because there was no one to free them from being a heavy spirit....thats why its writen that king david said the lord would not leave him in hell....there was a gulf fixed between paridse and hell the parable of rich man and abraham...and hell was labled a pace of torment .....and its in the earth....I never been there so this is theory but u might find support scripture that supports which I know there are some
    • I rember david was tod a parable about some man stealing another man sheep and david was asked what would he the man who was the theif and david past judgement not noing the parable was about himself...just cause jesus said things in a parable dosnt mean it wasnt a real situstion.king david was told a parable that was true.
    • but jesus only tells us the story leving us an exsample on how not to treat our neighbors
    • jesus could of called the rich man out the grave he called lasurus out the grave ....
    • I was exsponding and not writing scripture in that exspression of a long pierod of time its has been 1000s of years scense jesus wrote this script2 days in hell is to to long for me its hard for people to last two days never less be in a place of torment for a week two months or 1000 years wow yea that would seem like forever....if my exspression for along pierod of time offended u I apologize ...the rich man did asked to come back from the dead and was refused it seem to appear he would suffer a long time seeing jesus is calling his suffering to record without freeing the man...
    • hell is not forever the second death is forever.....
    • @Damien.

      I am not afraid to preach about "hell", but I notice many are afraid to preach the truth.  When it comes to the Bible we have to put more weight on clear scriptures (like Romans 6:23) than on parables.  The clear speak of destruction (Matt. 10:28), not living forever in pain.  Actually Damien you error about the parable because even it does not include the word "for ever"..Please do not add words to the text..


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