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My Ministry testimony - 1

By Gods grace after one year I was able to get a scooter for my family and I to use for ministry as well. As far a field as 300 KM away on occasions! On one occasion there was a brother from Kenya who worshiped with us who invited me to go his house for prayer after Sunday worship. He had asked me to be there for exactly 5 pm and so after a couple of hours rest I started the journey. However, One and a half km into my journey my scooter got stuck in the mud and stopped! Then I checked the engine- it seemed fine but the starter just would not start. I checked the gas and the tank was empty but I had no money at all. So in the very spot where my scooter had stopped I began to Praise the Lord and ask him for a miracle. All of a sudden there was another brother from Kenya who was coming to my house to see me for prayer and fellowship and he asked me why I was stopped there. Before I could answer he said that he came to spend some time praying and to have fellowship with me and so I told him to come in a couple of hours. He said he was in no hurry to go somewhere and that prayer and fellowship was not the main reason for his visit and that he wanted to give me a small gift. He handed me an envelope and asked me to pray for the gift and for him. After I prayed he left. Then I opened that envelop and saw Rs.500/-(apprx.$9) wow!!!! I began praising God and then I rolled down  to gas station only 15 minutes away. I got enough gas and went to that brother's house and had prayer with him and he blessed me abundantly. I was praising God and thanking him!

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