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Chuck here.  I'm new to this forum. A little bit about myself.  I've been born again and excepted Jesus as my savior about 20 years ago, glory to God, praise Jesus for His help.  My Lord and Savior Jesus is my only hope.  I attend Calvary Chappell Church in Roseville California.   I'm excited to join in with my Christian bothers and sisters in some edifying discussions.  Anyways, so why I'm posting this topic?  My work buddy sent me this video on Facebook yesterday and it's left me totally confused...Can this be true?  I need a theologically minded persons help ASAP on this one. Here is the video link he sent me on messenger.

In Christ

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  • First the word was unrighteous Manon. That is money gotten by receipt or some other evil means. The word also says a false balance is an abomination to the Lord, a man who doesn't provide for his own is worse than an infadel, he who doesn't work doesn't deserve to eat.

    It is the love of money that is the root of all evil not money itself. Paul himself was a tent maker after he was called into the ministry. He said it was good that he should receive from others Carmel work if he was busy feeding them spiritual meat, but it is not a sin to work and provide for your family. It is the heart that counts.

  • Hi! From now on, please use the "insert video" command and insert the weblink for UTube there. Posting weblinks like this is against the rules for the possibility of someone posting malware.

    In answer to your question, is- of course money is a subject frought with Biblical warnings. Its important to remember God forgives all our sin, and we need not ally ourselves with materialistic clergy.

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