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I feel that there are no friendly people on this site or anywhere else, all I ever wanted was to make new friends and to develop good friendships so if that's the case then I am NOT meant to have any friends here or anywhere else , that's right might as well be alone forever because that's is what is going to happen to me anyway so my opition is to leave this site forever .

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  • Brother Keister, I have beena member here at CLM for a few years now.  Ican honestly and very strongly say that in the time I have been a member not 1 person has ever tried to control or even banish me from this site.  This site, it is my understanding, is a place where we can come and learn from each other and exchange thoughts regarding the LORD'S Word, The Bible. If you have the impression that this site is anything like fb or oher similar sites, you are in my humble opinion sadly mistaken.  It is not my intention to be abrasive, harsh or mean.  I'm simply telling you my findings and feelings about CLM. This site has become my home church. At the same time, I would stand up for your right to your opinions.  However, when dealing with this many people there must be guidelines to keep it friendly.  We agree to disagree at times. May the LORD Bless you and Keep you always.

  • There is something very wrong with social media in that each site seeks to moderate & control every interaction between it's members, and discourages all private connections

    • Yes, that is true of any site where believing is involved. I hang out at scientific discussion sites. Here is one maintained specifically to discuss pictures released by NASA. The link goes to the rules. Notice #15: Discussion of alternate theories, the definition of science, is forbidden!

      Welcome & Rules (please read before posting) - Starship Asterisk*
    • I feel I need to speak to this as the admin here- If I over post it is due to my wanting to encourage members to post and communicate together. I'm maware of the tendency and try and watch for the problem to minimize it.

  • Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.

    • Beautifully said, can't agree more.

  • Hi Jeremiah, I get how you feel ,were in a world where if things arent read in a way we feel comfortable responding to we just dont respond, and it then leaves you feeling ostracized. Sometimes its better if the person popped a balloon in the room, made some alkward noise then here a forest full of crickets hey?

    dont mind people Jeremiah.

    Mostly they care but mostly they are in the bathroom correcting there child doing a mirror check before they hurry off to where ever we go all through the day and we do it too, You do it I do it, lets face it this isnt a platform where youll meet the missing family void. Its nice to think that and we all go to church and hear the preacher sound his bugle about the importance of the body of Christ, but Jereimah?....

    As much as we want and wish G-d will bring people along when we need that certian thing, if we all needed leggs we'd be a jogging body. It's not really that all people are bad or insenisentive infaxct possisable the opposite.

    Alot of times people wont respona  afraid they might look this way or that way. ruin the good light they just had washed 3 weeks in a roll at on Sunday.

    And its the busyiness of life as well Jeremiah, Plus were all damaged, we war agaianst sin daily and hardly are in one accord.

    Its a amazing that we find a way to group together in a place twice a week. As good as christians try to be, were not enough, but please forgive us for dropping the ball paul does say were supposed to be held more accountable because we have the very grace that can shut the door on you and still feel the love of Christ.

    You are right its hard to make friends anywhere sorry you didnt feel it here you should have .

    Dont give up, Im your friend but realize Im a loyal yet absentminded friend.

    Your in my prayers ,hey dont lean so much on people anyways, really that still voice inside will always lead you right. yah we need people but G-d will come through right when you need Him. 

    Hope that helped you Jeremiah,,have a good day ..your welcome to email me,,, remember Im slow to respond but really care..



  •   There are good people here. I have met several. I haven't had one negative experience. I am sorry that you are feeling this way.

  • Jeremiah, 

    I'm sorry that you're feeling that way but I would encourage you to accept the way that folks have tried to reach out to you. Sometimes we have expectations and only look to them and in the process miss what really is happening. 


  • Several people have remarked on that subject. In general it seems that if a forum has activity it is all squabbling, and if the people are nice there is little activity. CLM has nice people and little activity. 

    This is not a new situation. I got saved in 1974 and the more activities I joined the more I noticed how grumpy everybody was. That group eventually folded because people couldn't practice what they preached. Groups that don't try to practice the commandment to love one another just keep on keeping on.

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