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I feel that there are no friendly people on this site or anywhere else, all I ever wanted was to make new friends and to develop good friendships so if that's the case then I am NOT meant to have any friends here or anywhere else , that's right might as well be alone forever because that's is what is going to happen to me anyway so my opition is to leave this site forever .

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  • You can be friends to people.   Try that out.  Millions are looking for friend who cares.

    • YES

    • A common problem is not knowing how to act friendly. That's why people don't say much.

  • I am so sorry you are having a negative experience here. I suggest you put forth effort to contact and befriend other members here; i have always experienced a positive response to a friend request, or a message asking for friendship or even prayer. If you'd like to be removed from membership, please message me and let me know this. We will be sad to see you go!

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