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There can only be minimal appreciation (though in full possession) of that which derives from “life and godliness” (2Pet 1:3) if there be not settled assurance concerning the permanent efficacy of Christ’s redemption (unfailingly covers all sin). What fruit of redemption could there be that would be temporary, and greater still, what use could there be of such a work? There is at no time anything meaningful in a so-called temporal walk of faith, nor would it be sensible to conceive such as a work of God.

None can find a demonstration in Romans Eight that one who “walks after the Spirit” can also “walk after the flesh.” Scripture exemplifies those appearing to be “in the Spirit” (v 9) by a nominal (in name only) outward profession of Christianity (Mat 15:8; Mar 7:6; Jam 2:18). But their inward state will eventually manifest their “departure” (1Tim 4:1) from a false profession of faith, and a “fall” (Gal 5:4) from an insincere pursuit of grace (1Tim 4:1; Gal 5:4; 1Jhn 2:19).

Verse One in chapter Eight reveals evidence that those who are is Christ—“walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” This does not indicate that those who are reborn can walk after the flesh but rather the opposite, that they will not walk after the flesh, and the following verse explains why—“Because the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin.” Free, not that there will be no more sinning but that there will be no more will to sin (Heb 10:26).

Walking after the flesh does not intend intermittent sin but a willingness to pursue a continuous lifestyle and state of sin, as was our condition prior to rebirth. I do not believe that the scriptural warnings and admonitions to believers represent what they might again desire after but rather what identifies them. It’s not as though one who is reborn can ever again desire to willfully sin.

Hence the urgent significance concerning the doctrine of the permanency of salvation. If it’s not permanent it’s not redemption, because there is only one strain of salvation—“eternal salvation” (Heb 5:9). Regardless of how long or how sincere others may have appeared, discontinuing the Christian walk indicates (not confirms) a nonoccurrence of rebirth.

The word “walk” is in reference to that which one wills to do outwardly, which is directed by that which is desired inwardly (natural or spiritual). What one wills to do has precedence over what is practically done. Thus our “will to do of His good pleasure” (Phl 2:13) is predominant in significance as to that which is done, because it’s the intention of our actions and not deeds which determines their quality.

This defines the meaning of a “new heart,” which is ever desiring to please God, though knowing our actions will also include that which is undesirable due to the “old man” (Rom 7:15-20). For those reborn, their walk will progressively manifest that which is of the new nature more than that of the old, which between these two natures is how God is “glorified” (Mat 5:16; Jhn 15:8; 1Co 6:20; 10:31; Phl 1:11; 1Pe 2:12; 1Pe 4:11).


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  • What about Romans 8:7-8!!  Should they keep God's 10 Commandments or not? 

    I mean 10, not 8 or 9.

    • My Brother, I'm not one that believes the Law of Moses was ever for anyone but the nation Israel; and even now, unbelieving Israel is without that Covenant with God, because it was "dissannauled" (Heb 7:18) and "taken away" (10:9). The first Covenant was temporary (8:7) because it "made nothing complete" (7:19), except only "forgiveness" (Num 15: 25-31). God's end goal was to show in typology of the OT how He was going to also remove sin's guilt, which the OT sin sacrifices could never do (Heb 10:11). 

      Blessings to you Family Michel!

      • If the LAW was dissannualt, then you are saying that Jesus is a liar. Because in Matthew 5:17-20 Jesus said "THINK NOT".

        Why are you thinking? Read verse 20 good. Do you think that grace can saved you, if you keep thinking against Jesus "think not"?

        Don't you know that everybody that have accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior are an Israelite?  All true Christians are Spiritual Israel. I hope that you are going to dig deeper in the words of God my brother Robert. God bless you to and everyone else.

        • Our differences in understanding of Mat 5 are quite different, so I'm not sure if I should share more of my understanding here to avoid offending you my Brother in Christ.


          • You are not offending me Mr.Hall. You are offending the one that have write what he heard Jesus says. I am just living the Bible words exactly how it is written. Jesus says THINK NOT. And I just obeing to THINK NOT. Why should I  believe that others says that the Law is abolished by Jesus dead on the cross, and Jesus self say: "THINK NOT" 


            AND DON'T CALL NOBODY YOUR MASTER, BECAUSE I (JESUS) IS ONLY YOUR MASTER. My brother sorry, I cannot preached against the Bible.

            • I'm glad I've not offended you Mic, because that's one of my greatest desires, to remain sensitive to others. But you can only offend if you intend to offend, becaue others mistaking what you say may take offense. But as we are doing, we are sharing what we think is truth and always intending only the "Word of Truth." But we are to expect to continue to deepen our understanding by the Sprit's teaching so we should be ready to learn more of what truth we have been given.

              Concerning "think not that I am come to destroy the Law," fulfilling the Law (Mat 5:17) meant "finishing" (Jhn 19:30) the Law and not destroy it by leaving it unfulfilled, which completed the prophecies of Him for the OT, and comleted the work of salvation for the NT.

              The Lord Jesus declaired an end to the Law upon Him fulfilling it--"till all be fulfilled" (Mat 5:18). The mention of the passing of heaven and earth is a hyperbolic expression which designs the intention that they would no sooner pass until the Law be fufilled, i.e. heaven and earth will not pass until the Law was fulfilled, meaning finished or accomplished, which Christ had done on the Cross; and the next thing will be the passing of heaven and earth, to make way for the new heaven and new earth, same as the passing of the old covenant to make way for the new covenant.

              • For me the Bible interpreted itself my brother. For me it will stay there till JESUS return now. And it will finished by the third Comming  of Jesus. But thanks anyway. I am going to write my believe about sin. 

                • I like and believe you're doing the best thing, continuing in seeking the Lord's guidence in His Word.


              • Robert, all is not finished until Jesus returns.  Why else would God order that certain feasts be observed for ever?  Because God resides outside of time, His word/law once given is for all time.

                • Hi Brother Derek and God bless! I believe "it is finished" is in reference to the fulfillment of the OT and the completed work of redemption in the NT; and now we await His return. Concerning "feasts" or even "the Sabbath" and all that is in Judaism, this was to the “people of God” within the nation of Israel, prior to it being succeeded by the New Covenant, which the Law could not deliver but only point to faith in Christ (Gal 3:24, 25). Because the Law was not of faith (Gal 3:12) but of works (Rom 9:32).

                  Concerning the Word of God being eternal, this includes what the Law directed to, but not its administration which was discontinued, for the purpose of the following administration in Christ. This was part of the purpose of the typolgy and shadows of the Law hinting to the Lord Jesus. Much of what Scripture writes concderning God's goal in the OT has come to pass in the NT and will be forever--as you've mantioned.



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