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Passover - booklet

Thought some of you might be interested in this offer for a free book about the Passover.

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  • It seems this is for US citizens only as it will not accept my address.  Ah-well, I think I have enough information and it's a bit late for this year.

    • that's too bad. :(  Are you familiar with Rose Publishing? I wonder if you could get it directly from them.

      • Yes I am, I have several of their products, plus done some work for them a while ago.  I will have a look for future reference.  Good thinking.

        • Well I feel foolish. I really thought that this book was the same one I got from Rose Publishing but I went to find it for you at their site and it is not there. Sorry about that. 

          • I could not find anything at Rose either, never mind, thanks for trying.

  • I sent for one also. Yes, thanks Sister Annette!

  • I asked for a copy. Thank you!   :-)

This reply was deleted.

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