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Path of Constancy

Only He who has created foreknows the direction which all choose to travel, which from the point of incarnation is a constant, and never changes! He knows “the end from the beginning“ (Isa 46:10) of all things and therefore knows if our direction of travel will always be either toward Him or away from Him.

One might have the understanding that we can at times traverse toward God and then away from Him or even back again toward Him, but this would conflict with the reasoning that since one’s end will be apart from God, there is only one direction that can to be traveled. It doesn’t matter which way we think we are traveling, if our overall desire isn’t always to move towards God—who is forever blessed above all!

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  • That is meaningless. Go find a passage in the bible that says what you are trying to say and then we can discuss it.

    • Hi and thanks for your reply! Could you be more clear exactly on what part you're attempting to indicate? God bless!

      • I am a bible student. Your piece does not agree with anything in the bible. 

        • Thanks for your replies, but of course it's okay that we have different undersandings! For us to discuss and issue though we would need a specific subject or issue, that's only if you're interested in Scripturally discussing something. God's blessings to your Family!

  • Hmmm I'm not sure I understand or agree. Are you saying that you believe people are incarnated? 


    • I think you could be making a good point, but by definition (and my intention) it means a spirit being taking on flesh, i.e. begotten or being born. Jesus was the “only begotten Son” into this life because His birth was the only one which was “conceived of the Holy Spirit.” The rest of mankind was begotten by Adam and Eve.

      Visiting angels also became incarnate, but only temporarily.

      Appreciate your reply and God bless!

      • at creation God created the flesh first and then breathed Spirit into the flesh. But as for the thought of us moving towards away God I wonder if I'm just misunderstanding. I believe that nonbelievers are simply spiritually dead and can't move anywhich way but are completely separated from Him. When one is regenerated I believe they can and do move towards or away from God by choice. He is always pursuing us and the whole notion of repenting (turning away from sin) is an ongoing process as He reveals our sin to us. 

        • My use of the words "away from" is in the sense of permanantly being apart from union with God, and represent those who are never going to desire to be in union with Him, who are "condmened already," (Jhn 3:18). These are those whom God knows will never choose to believe (most of mankind - Mat 7:13, 14).

          My understnading concerning our position after rebirth is that all who are reborn are progressively learning to "draw neigh to God" via Phl 2:13, which is only in our walk, not our position of redemption. If they aren't desiring to put God first it manifests they aren't reborn, because God "works" this in all who are His. Everyone who professes faith in Christ should be seeing this occurring in their life or they are merely honoring Him in word only (Isa 29:13; Mat 15:8).

          • ah well then that makes more sense to me and I agree. It's an amazing thing to consider our position in Christ and the sanctification process we are allowed to walk. 


            • Amen Sis!

This reply was deleted.

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