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Please pray for

Dear brothers and sisters
Yesterday night me and brother Honey went to Tira at 8.30 pm to visit sister Anu is seriously ill due to kidney swelling. Please do remember her in your prayers that she may get alright since she is a new believer and baptized five months ago
Secondly to night I will be leaving for USA and pray for safe journey and wedding for my son's getting married on 17th May 2015.
Thirdly Yesterday happened to visit a new believer from other faith along with one of our ministerial team member the couple has totally committed to the Lord and took away all the idols from their home. Yesterday night itself I burned them all . Please pray for this couple to grow in faith and to be disciple of Christ His name is Bejendhar.
Finally please pray for our ministry team to look after everything till I return to India. Please do pray for our VBS will be conducted by June first week and they expense as well We need to reach about 300 children again this year We are in great need of about 400$
Thanks in advance for all of your prayers which is back bone of our ministry.

Your brother


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  • Brother Jagan, You have my prayers for Sister Anu that her kidneys be healed.  I will also be praying for your safe journey and that the wedding be a Blessed event.  I will also be praying for the new Brother in Christ, Brother Benjendhar and his wife.  Your ministry team is always in my prayers but I will step those up and I will also pray that your VBS be an extreme success and that the LORD provide the funds you need to help with that.  I will be praying for each and every one of your parishioners that they be strong in faith and also be safe to worship that faith.

    Your Sister in Christ,


    • thanks sister 

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