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pondering something,,,,,,

Marcion,,why did,,they want to be rid of  him so badly,,,,why?

why?..was he such a threat?..did he really have the truth? was the law they lived under in those days,,,HEAVENS FORBID should grace about so quickly,,mustn't be slowly moved into in steps maybe?

steps as in 613 steps?

and when we look at our math how the world is constructed our laws our beings our atomic makeup...we all agree and yet it can be measured.but this that cant.... is through jesus?

using his not say laws but,,,say relations ,,say his handling liken to taking hold of something,,,paying attention it all the time where it moves you ..what it says..... how it feels ......where it goes,,,,, what it doesn't say?? or do ..etc.

then like inside a cell egg a transportal safely taken to  who  at that particular moment we are in jesus

able to abound the law that is move through it like the chemisty we are .....yet resistant to the laws forces.   it ABOILISHES THE LAW

outside of G-Ds law is jesus thus ,,,we have grace...

is what I'm pondering................

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  • Wikipedia says:

    Marcion believed Jesus was the Savior sent by God, and Paul the Apostle was his chief apostle, but he rejected the Hebrew Bible and the God of Israel. Marcionists believed that the wrathful Hebrew God was a separate and lower entity than the all-forgiving God of the New Testament. This belief was in some ways similar to Gnostic Christian theology; notably, both are dualistic, that is, they posit opposing gods, forces, or principles: one higher, spiritual, and "good", and the other lower, material, and "evil" (compare Manichaeism), in contrast to other Christian views that "evil" has no independent existence, but is a privation or lack of "good", a view shared by the Jewish theologian Moses Maimonides."

    They wanted to get rid of Marcion because he ws wrong and went aginst both the Gospels and the Old Testament (OT). He completely ignored the evidence of the OT with its many prophesies and preparation for the coming of Jesus, the Masiah, and took the view that was more comfortable for him, that the God of the OT and the New Testament (NT) were somehow different. This is of course inconsistent as the OT prepared the way for the NT, and the NT referrs back to the OT, either is incomplete without the other. So Marcion was considered a 'heritic', because Marcion seemed to confuse God with Satan. By His nature there is no evil in God, the tyrant, as he puts it, is God's attempt at keeping His people pure, those who obey His commnds were blessed and those who did not suffered the consequences, just as it is today. Those who accept Jesus as Saviour and the only Son of God, and then have the 'desire' to keet His laws, are blessed with the 'life eternal'; those who do not wil be dammed and condemned to torment. God is eternal, He does not change and there is only one, rather like a 'triobite' three parts mking the whole, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    As I expressed to you before Jade, the law exists whether we believe in it or not, many criminals in our society would rather that the civil law did not exist, because then their offences would cease to exist. No law = no crime, and man is busy today abolishing long standing laws that are no longer comfortable, or too many people breaking the law. So if we like to think that God's law has been abolished, then we are free to do what we wish, with no sin. In truth the law has not been abolished, and whereas many wish to ignore it, it persists, through Christ we are are not freed from that law, just the curse that comes from breaking the law, sinning. In Christ our fine has been paid and our punishment has been taken by the human Jesus (wholy God and wholy man) through His suffering, the sacrificial lamb, once and for all who believe in Him. Just as in the civil law, when we break the law, we come under its jurisdiction, when we confess our crime and ask for forgiveness, our fine is paid and we are no longer under the law. This is what many do not understand, we break the law (sin) but our debt has already been paid.

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