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Reminder: Passover begins Friday, April 19, 2019, and ends Saturday 27, 2019. Dr. Blake has some beautiful Bible studies.  As he said in the study, "...remember what christ did for us on the cross."

April 10, 2017

Tonight is the first night of the Passover, I just wanted to describe how we celebrated tonight.  The Jews ate the Passover meal, The Sedah on the first night, second night and last night of the Passover, for us Christians it can be eaten on any of those evenings, so if you still want to celebrate as God wants us to celebrate, as Christians, it is not too late.  We must also remember that this is a feast that reminds us about the things God has done for us, and NOT a ritual, a celebration, and a witness to others.

To start with we took a piece of untreated wood and with a small leafy branch of a bush painted a red cross on the wood in red acrylic paint, and just before sundown we hung the board outside our front door, where it will stay throughout Passover (picture right).  This will serve as a witness to our local community.  The little branch represents the hyssop that was used to paint the door frames with the blood of the lamb, and the red paint to symbolize the blood.

We prepared roast lamb for our dinner, but before eating and after sunset, we read Exodus 12 together as well as a portion of Matthew 27:45-55.  With the normal veggies we ate horseradish to symbolise the bitter herbs and a dry water biscuit (water biscuit) cracker, and washed it down with grape juice to represent the vinegar that was given to Jesus just before He died.

It was so good to get away from the chocolate eggs and bunnies, the fluff of the pagan Easter, and remember what Christ did for us on the cross.



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