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Ruins and anomalies on the moon

I am sure many of you are aware of this but some might not have looked into the issue.  I am speaking about strange anomalies on our moon and what seems to be ancient structures on the moon.  I have gone through dozens of web sites, read dozens of books, and watched many videos about these things.  It is not all photo shopped and computer generated fakery.   Some of these irregular things seem to really exist.  They seem to be enormous and ancient towers and structures composed of glass or crystal.  Usually they are used to say ancient aliens were around the Earth long ago.  Others suggest that the human race had an ancient technological age and fell back toward the stone age.  Some smaller more intact items are used to say secret missions are also on the moon, which is probably true.

Image result for sinis medii on moon

The structure above was photographed by apollo 10, and called 'the castle'.  One can see the geometric structure.  What are these? I believe that these may be the remnants of 'Angelic Cities' battered by war in the heavens... The moon seems to never have had much of an atmosphere and biological beings like ourselves would not live on the moon or build such structures.  There is really no evidence for anvanced aliens of the sci-fi sort coming in from out there.  The evidence indicates that angels and being of a fallen nature have been around the Earth for a long time.  Some suggest a connection to interdemensional beings too.  Although angels are spiritual beings they can, in fact, interact with the physical.  Eons ago, before Satan fell, there may have existed beautiful crystal cities on the moon. What do you think?

pastor Zomok

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  • Steve I used your picture to trace its source and found it to have come from the stable of Richard C. Hoagland, a very well known conspiracy theorist. I went to a site which tends to be more neutral than most, Wikipedia, who says about Hoagland:


    an American author, and a proponent of various conspiracy theories about NASA, lost alien civilizations on the Moon and on Mars and other related topics. . .


    Hoagland has been described by James Oberg of The Space Review, Phil Plait of, and Ralph Greenberg, a professor at the University of Washington, as a conspiracy theorist and fringe pseudoscientist. His book publisher describes him as "a unique mixture of amateur scientist, genius inventor, scam artist, and performer, blending true, legitimate speculative science with his own extrapolations, tall tales, and inflations." (my emphasis added)



  • I've been thinking about it for a few days. It's a little out there, but I won't say impossible. We don't have a way to know for sure.

    What I can tell you is Gary and I visited a town in the state of New York. It has a reputation of having lots of spells cast there. I won't say where it is exactly because I don't want someone to set out on an adventure and check it out. The town had lots of crystals and shiny things. My ears were ringing all the time we were there. We had to stop talking because we began to get agitated and to argue. Once we left, we were fine.

    There's lots of things we can't see, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. I have this notebook that I write down just stuff in, and I learn more, and I add notes. I just don't share it very much. Things that make me scratch my head. hmmm

    All the stars in the sky will be dissolved and the heavens rolled up like a scroll; all the starry host will fall like withered leaves from the vine, like shriveled figs from the fig tree. (Isaiah 34:4 NIV)

    The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place. (Revelation 6:14 NIV)

    It does sound like all will be revealed and people will see the truth. 

    God bless,


    • Thanks for responding Mary.  I was hopeing others would join in on this and other discussions.  I feel that this site does not have enough active members.  It is as if about 10 of us are performers for the other several thousand to watch.  Some folks join the site and after a day or two they go to sleep.  I have made some effort to try and bring up differing subject matters to stimulate interest and  I tend toward a holistic approach and weigh evidences.  A thousand people claim they seen a ghost and some will say they are all liars or mistaken, but my approach finds that a small percentage seem to have had genuine experiences.  I feel this is the case with anomalous things on the Moon and Mars.  I feel that a small amount of these items are real.  The so-called face on Mars is not one of these and never looked very human anyways.

      Isaiah 34:4 is symbolism and metaphor about big changes or judgment for Edom.  Some take these as literal and say it is about the end of our planet but it is in the past.  Edom was ended and Nebatean/Arabic peoples started to fill the void. Isaiah 34:10 mentions smoke going up forever which just means its destruction is final.  With these things some knowledge is revealed.  Jesus used this sort of language sometimes too.

      • I also wish that more people would fully interact with this site, in its various discussions and groups, but I think that we must be satisfied with what God gives us, His grace being sufficient. And, yes, I wish that people who read the various blogs and discussions on CLM would at least take the time to comment, or click the 'LIKE' button (but then that little heart in the top-right of the page is quite insignificant and easily missed), if they can find it. We would at least know that people are reading what is posted. However, I am sure that our members are reading the various posts as the Spirit leads them to do. So, I for one, am certainly content in leaving that to the Lord, which is why we must ensure that what we write and post on CLM is strictly scriptural and Biblical, I know that Pastor Rolf feels that we should be responsible in this matter. At this time we have many young, or inexperienced Christians, even a few who are still searching, on the site, many of which do not have the confidence to comment. So we as, 'elders', if you like, bear that responsibility to ensure that erroneous teaching does not enter the site.


        I am sure, as you say, that many of the people who claim to have seen ghosts have certainly seen something and are not liars or people subject to hallucinations. What I do believe, however, is that these sightings are not the ghosts or spirits of dead people. Scripture is quite clear about this, the dead can in no way communicate or interact with this physical world, they sleep and know nothing [Ecclesiastes 9:5]. Psalm 146:3,4 (The Death of Man = the REVERSE of Creation: Their breath returns to God, their body returns to Dust, and their thoughts CEASE). We have no thoughts, surely this alone tells us that there can be no ghosts of past people? The result of this can be only one conclusion, that the ghosts we see of people who have supposedly lived, are counterfeit, and as such can only be a construct of demons, disguised as dead people. As a counsellor, I have dealt with many people who thought they were being harassed by ghosts of people, come back to haunt them,

        and in every case it has turned out to be evil spirits, and been dealt with as such. God does not let or allow dead people to communicate with the living. Sure there are exceptions, like Enoch, who God took directly to heaven, but these are exactly that, EXCEPTIONS. One exception is in 2 Kings 2:11 when Elijah is taken up to heaven in, what is described as a 'whirlwind' surrounded by 'Chariots of Fire'. There are several other mentions of these Chariot of Fire in the OT and are all associated with God's power. This certainly shows that God can, at will bypass death and use what we might call UFO's to accomplish He will. Maybe He will use His Chariots of Fire when the End finally comes, thousands of them to collect the faithful, whilst the unbeliver shouts, “Look at the UFOs.”

  • As an amateur astronomer, I have studied the Moon for years, although I have a smaller telescope these days, I have had some quite large ones in the past and even used a 16" paraboloid reflector at a local observatory, and I have never seen any evidence of anomalies of any kind on the Moon.  The 16" telescope allowed a high definition image, form an apparent altitude of twenty miles, we recorded the whole surface for an instructional video, and I saw nothing unusual (the video currently plays at Joderal Bank Telescope, Cheshire, England - or at least did).

    There are, as you say, hundreds of videos on-line that purport to show all sorth of anomalies , many so called 'manufactured' constructs.  These days the Moon seems to have gone off the boil in favour of Mars for these videos, this started with that picture of the 'Face on Mars' that was sent back by NASA's Viking 1 spacecraft (May 24, 2001).  The feature has been photographed several times and shows that the face was just a trick of light on a sand dune, which quickly changed over a short time.

    There are videos by the hundred on You Tube about Mars, claiming to show everything from ruined cities to spaceports and even spaceships, but none stand up to serious investigation.  Once when observing the Moon from my back yard I saw (or thought I saw) a flash of light; I got quite excited about this and started researching it.  I fond that it was not unusual and had been recorded many times.  It was a curiosity back then, but since, we have detected very small quantities of locked water on the Moon.  The light flashes are now believed to be a reflection of the Sun off of surface ice on rock.

    As far as I am concerned, these are merely 'Conspiracy Theories' in line with the Moon Landings and Contrail Conspiracy.  I have found no compelling evidence, and what evidence that's put forward are mostly chance compositions of light and shadow.  We need to remember that the Moon has no atmosphere and therefore shadows become stark and well defined, not softened by the refraction through air.  We can see the same thing here on Earth, light and shadow causing things to exist where they do not; I remember seeing a castle on the Scottish Island of Skye, as mists rolled around a rock formation.  I have seen many faces in rocks and cliffs that look like faces and buildings, until you look from a different angle, one in a deep cave in Crete showed a portrait of Zeus.  My belief is that Satan uses these things and our imagination to divert us from what we are supposed to be doing, always interesting, but to me, rather pointless.

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