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Should we pray for the devil?

I am listening to a Christian radio station (K-LOVE) and a little while ago a lady came on and requested prayer for the shooter in Ohio.  In my mind (please correct me if I'm wrong) anyone who would arbitrarily shoot a stranger  that he is not officially at war with would be at the very least one of the devil's minions.  Should we pray for the devil or one of his own?  Is it the same as when I pray for the leaders of places such as China for their hearts to be softened and their ears opened to hear GOD'S word?  I've gotten myself confused here.  Thank you for any enlightenment you can give me.

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  • I want to thank all for your beliefs and opinions on this subject.  How else am I to learn to be a good Christian without asking and then reading your replies.  I think I knew the answer before I posted my question because of knowing and believing the statement "Love the sinner, hate the sin."  Sometimes I am just a tad bit slow in my thinking.  But, as I stated I want to thank you all who cared enough to reply..  May the Good LORD Bless you all and keep you. terry stonebarger

    • You are welcome Terry. Have a Blessed Day!

  • Jesus Died for that shooter just like He died for you and me. Jesus is no respector of persons. He loves and died for all so that we might have life and have it more abundantly.     The devil and his demon angels are not human.  They are angels of darkness that had their chance in heaven but the devil (Lucifier) was God's right hand angel(as he might be called) until he got puffed up with pride and want to be God. And God kicked him out of heaven.

    • Welcome to the discussions Josey, well said.  Which shooter in particular are you referring to here?

      • Thank You Dr. Blake. The shooter in Ohio that the lady was praying for on KLove.

  • Ever heard the popular opinion 'Love the Sinner - Hate the Sin'?  I don' t know, but that's what I think needs to happen.  Go ahead - pray; at the least, God will guide you in your sure can't hurt!

    • Brother Terry, Sister Terry here. Nice to make your acquaintance. When I wro

      te this, I did not think of "love the sinner-hate the sin".  That is a statement I was brought up with and I do believe it today. However, when it comes to taking another's life I do have to wonder because in my mind the shooter is playing GOD deciding who's to live and who's to die.  But, as you said "love the sinner - hate the sin" at least count for something here because to my way of thinking, after all he is also a sinner as well.  

      • Some wise words here Terry, a sin is a sin no matter what it is, there are no shades of grey here, just black and white.  To God stealing a pen from our employer is the same as murdering, if we break the law there are no tariffs with God.  Although murder is highlighted in the Ten Commandments, it does not have the special condemnation that other sins bear, which are called abominations to God.  The Bible is full to bursting with murderers, starting with  Cain, in just the second generation of the human race, we have Moses, to whom God gave the law, and one man who came face to face with God.  King David who sent one of his generals to the front line to be killed, so that he could sleep with the generals wife, and, has already been mentioned, Paul who was 'responsible' for the murder of hundreds of Christians.  There are many more stories of killing and murder in the Bible, and people that God used, despite this sin that we find so offensive.

    • Whilst I would agree with you Terry, about 'Love the Sinner - Hate the Sin', as I commented below, I cannot think of one reason why I should pray for the devil.  This is just a waste of our precious prayer-time, would we pray for angels?  Angels do God's will, are his messengers and a part of His plan, let's not forget that Satan (the oppose) was once Lucifer, most beautiful of all angels, and in a way he also does God's will.  Without Satan there would be no alternative to God, no way of being tested or having to make a decision, fore or against God.  There would, in short, be no balance in the world.  Satan can not change, he is most likely just the way God made him.  Satan is called/translated as the 'Opposer' because that is basically his job, and as we can see in the New Testament, Jesus called Peter Satan [Matthew 16:23], because his thoughts were opposing His.  Sin and evil are Satan's nature, as much as God's nature is good and righteous.

      • Amen.

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