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Signs and Wonders

The Book of Acts, chapter 2, verse 19, tells us that in the sky and around about there would be signs and wonders.  In the Gospel of Mark, chapter 16, verse 17, we are also told that signs and wonders would follow the believers in Jesus. What are these 'signs' (semions) and 'wonders' (teras)?

Sometimes I think people are looking for something that looks like special effects and science fiction like scenes.  To be fair about some of the things seen in the sky some of these seem to fit this, but I think people often overlook more regular, down to Earth, happenings.  A sign could be something as little as encouraging a lonely person and giving them hope. Another sign or wonder could be driving the demon of depression away from a downcast soul. Signs, wonders, and works were displayed by Jesus and it is said by the book of John (chapter 14), that the same would be associated with his followers. 

Do we see enough signs and wonders today?  What do you say?

pastor zomok

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  • We don't see enough signs and wonders, there are many people who are spiritually unlearned. I understand your point and I agree totally with the word of God. I believe when we help others we become their miracle in Christ Jesus. God bless you.

    • Lets face it, the world system is a big harlot!  It blinds people with petty thrills so they often do not discern good things, including signs and wonders.  If the good Lord through intuition pushes me to encourage a man and his wife to stay together and the results are good and they help others in turn I could argue that it is just as big a thing as a resurrection!  Few would notice or see it as anything special. Proverbs 16:24 tells us that 'pleasent words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy for the bones'.

  • Like the painting by the way, I thought it was the Red Arrows, (RAF aerobatics display team) at first LOL.

    An evangelist friend of mine used to say, "Christians don't follow miracles (or signs & wonders), miracles follow Christians," or should do, and the distinct lack of visible signs and wonders is, I feel, a comment on Christianity today.  I believe this is because of various issues between the given law of God and how we have disobeyed Him.  This has nothing to do with our salvation, which is secured through our faith in Jesus, what it is to do with is us blessing, or pleasing God.  Many people get these things mixed up, they assume that our faith in Christ also means that we do not need to do anything about pleasing God.  If we wish to please God we need to keep His commandments, and if we please Him then He will bless us.  That is what the first four of the Ten Commandments is about.

    Sorry to keep beating the same old drum, but I truly believe that Christianity has gone so far away from what God, and Jesus, intended that all we are doing is giving Him grief.  We abandoned God's designated holy day, and also His ordained feasts, then men decide to appoint his own, like a smack in God's face.  Certain churches adorn their churches with carved images and bow to them, many wear crosses around their necks like good-luck talisman and on it goes, bowing to the world instead of God.  How can we expect God to perform signs and wonders when we insult God at every turn?

    • True faith is supportive and not dead so one might expect something good to follow.  How much is what is disputable.

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