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surgery update

ok,,,gooooooood morning and im now getting used to having so much time off ,,im gonna use it to research a different way

apparently,,,im not going anywhere anytime soon,,, but im learning to rest is good  cause im feeling better..... this is incredible how is it our bodies wont respond like they did when we were 20?  ah thats just wrong!......clearly the body is rebellious and forgetful,,why we did that same thing quiet well years ago didnt have any trouble .....then whats the trouble  now,,,,as i ask my body it simply ignores me and does what it wants to do,,,,, how rude,,,,,lol

ya i guess our bodies change over time hey? and have unreasonable requests in my opinion   .... sleeping quiet nicely and ,,,,erummm what? huh?,,you need to do what ,,,,now?

didnt we already do that?   oooh but 3am bathroom run is i tell my bladder if everybody was getting up at 3am does that mean you have to?

apparently yes,,

soooooo for some reason im stuck here and ive got nothing but time to study,,,, which is what i love doing anyway.. never do cause im too busy doing otherthings that require building and fixing ,or repairing,,or fishing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fishing    ,,,miss that,,,

anyway,,,nah i was teasing bout the beebee gun i wouldnt actually injury anyone,,,lol but now that u mention nerf  balls geee they soak well in water and the preschool is in my back yard,,,buhahahahah,,,never give a loaded  nerf gun to a bored wheel bound person,,eheh

those lil kids will never see it coming,,,lol

,im kidding ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i wouldnt shoot at them ooooh i know better they would just want to play,,lol theres more of them than of me,,,,,,,ooooh clearly im wayy too bored....

maybe im afraid of thinking,,,yah know really thinking,,,,, i know science wants to say were a simulation world. that the cosmos expands and is measured and has a stopping point... and so many can prove there therories they make so much sense and i never want to rest on mans words  i believe what can be proved. and mostly G-D has shown us through science how the universe works when we look at the biological world it is not like the physcal world we touch a smell  and why everyone has so many opinions instead of foundations idk...

am i unable to plug it in?,,,, am i just to sit here and say life is this or life is that,,,, and we die,,, and after so many years of looking and wondering,,,, it makes u think,,, there are no answers..... just these collections of biblical verses that say so many closely related things to therories related to what science has already found...

and ya they are there but science explains them differently,, and soooooo is it all just a table of different food to feast of and though some food topics upset some where others it gives we then leave the table and say here is the food here is the table we live we eat we die and all these things we ingest  change who we are how we process what we understand and how it can relate and effect others..... do we then,,, say weve measured,,, G-D gave us a creation and we measured it.

and all the world crys ,,,running back to the table with all these pondering creative measuring devices that were inatly built into them  as talents or our wisdoms or learnings,,, that we then set them up on the table and start to measure our food and as we sit all around the table an endless muster of murmur runns about as agreements and disagreements sali around ?...............measurement,,,,,,,,

isnt that all we have? and in the end how we measure,,, is it really by our devices we can judge? or is it G-Ds?.and if its G-Ds why do our devices not look alike for measurement?

well,,,,,,,,,,,clearly,,,thinking too much... 

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