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The Christian Believer is not Judged..


The believer is not going to be judged (at all).  How do I know this?  I know because the bible tells me so.  Sure, he or she might be wrongly judged by a deceitful world but God will not judge the new believer.  Look at this verse (John 5:24)--

“I assure you: Anyone who hears My word and believes Him who sent Me has eternal life and will not come under judgment but has passed from death to life." (Holman)

This verse is not simply saying that the believer escapes being condemned for his or her sins but actually indicates that the believer will not even be evaluated.  Nothing more is decided about him.  The King James Bible for this verse (as the NIV) uses "condemnation" here but this is incorrect!  In the original Greek is found "krisin"/"krisis". This is Strongs number 2920, and does not just mean condemnation but implies any evaluation or decision.  The Christian has escaped all judgment. With this in mind what are we to say about the so-called parable of the sheep & goats, found in Matthew 25? 

A casual reader of Matthew 25:31-46 will probably picture, in his head,  the Lord seated upon the throne with believers (sheep) on one side and the non-believers (goats) on the other.  He will then read, in verse 46, (most translations), that the sheep get eternal life, whereas the goats get eternal punishment, but as we have seen the believers are not judged at all so they are not at this apparent judgment..except as observers. Is John 5 at odds with Matthew 25:31-..? No!  What we see in Matthew 25:31- is a judgment of the the "nations"..  Verse 32 seems clear enough here. Please note that Yeshua sits on a throne in verse 31, but he is already seated in glory and all creation is in view before him..(Hebrews 1:3~).  

And what of verse 46?  The word that is translated "eternal" and "everlasting" is "aionion" and does not actually mean "eternal" or "endless".  Here is how Young's Literal Translationputs it...

"And these shall go away to punishment age-during, but the righteous to life age-during."

This sounds awkward and is generally translated in such a way as to fit the traditional view of "hell" but if the writer intended this than he would have used the word "aidios" instead as found in Romans 1:20 (his eternal powers).  In the first century the common word used by speakers of Greek, for "eternal" was "aidios" NOT "aionios". Mr. Young was a Greek scholar and translated correctly rather than render in a smooth way or run with the crowd.  He was a better scholar and even produced a concordance called Young's Analytical Concordance,which is superior to Strong's on some points, although not as popular.

As already mentioned the believers are the only ones that end up living forever and the rest get death (Romans 6:23).. In short no contradiction or even a paradox exists between John 5:24 andMatthew 25:31-46. Don't be tricked by those with false agendas..

pastor Zomok


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  • Amen Brother Steve!

    One of the amazing things about the sacrifice of the cross that sometimes gets glossed over in our haste is that this singular event (the death and resurrection of Christ) servers as atonement for ALL sin of those who accept that sacrifice as their salvation.  In effect every sin past present and future was taken into account at that time. The judgment for those sins was at the time of crucifixion. The penalty was death. Jesus bore those sins.  He took the judgment for those sins and died on the cross for US. Thus wiping them clean.  Then in his Glory he conquered death the third day.

    So, for the Christian, nothing left to be judged.  The judgment for that sin has been made and the consequence imparted. How awesome is our Lord?



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