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In the deceitful effort to hurt society and to break down both ethics and morals some try to pin labels on good people and organizations.  There is an effort about to neutralize people and to demoralize.

Recently the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) actually called the AFA a "hate Group", which is about as reasonable as saying the AFA is also from Mars and founded by elves.  Obviously this putting labels on people and organizations is done to try and change society and to suppress opinions and ideas.  Some wish to identify traditional values with extremism.  The AFA supports traditional marriage, which is a good and a reasonable position to hold.  Sadly many don't like this and because they can't win a fair debate on the issues they resort to putting labels on people and organizations.  They also wish to intimidate as the cowards they are!

This is also done in the world of politics with the twisted use of language.  We often hear of "right wing and Left wing" which is nonsense as the true spectrum is all about the size of government.  Anarchy (no government) to totalitarianism (dictatorship) is the real spectrum.  Under the true spectrum the actual center is Limited Government, also called Constitutionalism.  With this in mind what do we see and hear? We hear nuts calling Constitutionalist "right wing extremists" because they wish to denigrate a certain position, especially because they can't out debate the logic of Limited Government.  The misuse of language is a tactic to confuse and to neutralize people.  Those who have lower intellect and are focused on bar hopping and sports hardly have a clue and are fooled by the misuse of language. Watch out for those that suppress the truth in unrighteousness! (Romans 1:18-20)..

Fellow Christians please make it a point to speak the truth on issues and exercise your first Amendment rights.  Don't let a fool call you a 'bigot".  You tell them that they are the bigot and need to use their head! Stand up instead of rolling over.  Don't be cowed.  The 1st Amendment is specifically for political, religious, and philosophical speech.  It is not in the Constitution so a dull-witted ding-a-ling can run up and down the street playing loud booming music and disturbing the peace. It is also not just for those promoting the gay agenda and socialism.



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  • Well said.   My wife and I are supporters of  the AFA, and I long ago stopped listining to the main stream media.  It  is really refreshing to be able to get news with a Christian world view instead of the humanist world view ascribed by mainstream media.   In the words of I believe Mark Twain speaking of the news paper of his day  " You can either ignore the news and be uninformed or read it and be misinformed.  

  • At Ft Hood, the ARMY Post, during pre-deployment briefings now, the AFA is specifically used as an example by a member of West Point's "Combatting Terrorism Think Tank" of 2 groups that must be watched as right wing violent extremists. The 2 groups were Christians (not any more specific than that) and members of a Tea Party. Soldiers were told that contributing to these parties (tithing at Church?) would be grounds for Judicial punishment under the UCMJ.

    Reference: "The Black Sphere" posted this statement (paraphrased) from's Todd Starnes.

    What happens when your own government considers you your own worst enemy? Watch out, Brothers and Sisters.

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