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Hello member of Christians Like Me Social Website. There are some really big changes coming, which may result in a vastly improved  site, and right now we NEED your help in deciding on some things for the new website. Please assist us in providing your thoughts about the possibilities that we are exploring.

After reading this, please send a message to me, Pastor Rolf Anderson on the website, or if you choose email me at voicing your opinion about the possible changes.

We are considering going to a different provider of web services. This provider is a lot more like Facebook, and we will be able to remove all the advertising from Google that currently comes up. It will make for a greatly expanded site that’s easier to navigate. I’m sure all of you will be pleased by the new setup.

However, the site is more expensive. Our current site is again raising costs, and becoming expensive as well, and I’m sorry to say but being a member of Christians Like Me will no longer be able to be free. We have estimated that the cost for the new site will be $4.99 USD or less monthly and I’m sure we will have options like a semi-annual or annual choice of payment or similar choices.

Please respond to having to pay this amount to remain a member- what are your thoughts? Would you continue your membership? We need at least 50, 100 members would be better, to continue exploring this site option. The only other option is to continue with our current provider, continue with experiencing the shutdowns/denial of service periods we have been, and also be forced to implement a charge at the current site. I know how difficult this will be. I am on a fixed income, and not a high one at that but I believe having an improved site since we need to start paying for it anyways is the best choice. What do you think?

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  • Personally, I wouldn't pay it. I'm a member of multiple other Christian sites & they are free. Most sites aren't active enough for me to pay especially when I can be part of a free site. The other sites are mostly NING sites that use to be free to the creator of the site but as you already know I'm sure, they do charge a fee now. I liked the idea Rick had about ads paying for it. I was admin on a site where the ads paid for his. 

    • I also proposed using a forum since it's got features already built in and is easily adaptable. Forums also have great spam protection since they've been around so long

  • I have been looking at this and thinking.  I also have looked at Ning but nothing is clear cut to me.  All I can say at this point is that I would not mind paying a yearly lump sum of 50 to 100 dollars by check or MO but I would really hate to see this as a trend where sites start to charge people money.  Also I and many others do not send money online or even do the paypal dance.  The site is also slow compared to sites like Yourchristianspace.  Perhaps CLM could merge with another site? This site has so many good things that I would hate to see it go down.

    • I'm just a member, but I had a conversation with Pastor about advertising after my first post and assuming I'm correct and he just doesn't like it, charging members is the only way to pay for hosting. Pay Per Click adverting and selling ad space is definitely an option for websites in general and definitely one I use in The Christian Business Network Forum. However I also charge $2.00 per month for active posters which keeps spammers out of my forum like kryptonite. 

  • I know I've already emailed you, but I own several websites including forums. What are your requirements for a site? It sounds like your hosting is quite expensive.


    • Brother Rick, I have forwarded your email to the webmaster for him to look at. Perhaps you could email him directly, he's Cary Byrd on this site.

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