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The many possessed



The cold mountains were baptised by a gold sunset,

Freezing mists were forming in the valleys,

Soon a blue blanket would would cover the land,

All would find rest except a few nocturnal ones,

Maybe even Lilith would be lurking among the

street sinners.

As I scanned the vistas I realized I am in a modern


I also knew God is still sovereign and has control,

In the fullness of time all will be cleansed......"


In the short free verse above I touch on the state of affairs in our modern world..much like ancient Edom. There exists various degrees of both demonic possession and vexations. Actual demons might be involved or perhaps chemical/drug addictions are more likely involved. Jesus mentioned (Matthew 12:43-) how a man is cleansed of a single demon but later ends up with more demons. This could be actual entities or a case of a man freed of an addiction but falling back into doing extra drugs and addictions afterwards. (or both).

We read about an extreme case of possession in the text of Mark chapter 5. A naked man was running around and screaming among graves and tombs. This man was also cutting himself with sharp rocks. I thought to myself that this sounds much like the activities of many young people cutting themselves. Are they possessed as the man that Jesus encountered or simply influenced? Each case is different but some are truly possessed.

All we can do is ask the Lord to guide us in helping these people. And deal with them on an individual basis..

Pastor Zomok

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