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The Tree of Life

I had the desire recently to paint a 'Tree of Life' in the Garden of Paradise, as Adam may have seen it.  I figured that perhaps it might have appeared to Adam much like the Burning Bush later did to Moses (Exodus 3).  I do not think these are entirely symbolic trees as Adam was in a real Garden and he and Eve were really tested.  Adam is also in real genealogies coming down to the messiah.  Just the same, much speculation exists.

If you look at Exodus 3 and the experience of Moses it says, 'burning bush', but I doubt if regular flames were witnessed by Moses.  He obviously had a boo-rattelee moment and was in the focused presence of God, which was cleansing to Moses much like what Isaiah experienced in Isaiah 6.  The tree of life obviously represented obediance to God and truth as well as symbolizing life.  I figure that it had a glow about it and looked something like the way I painted it. What do you say?

pastor Zomok

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              • In Nov. 28, 2017 I posted a discusion named, "How did Satan appear in Eden?".  I suggested he came as an angel of light.  You posted info about a fossil snake creature.  That discusion is related to this one.


                How did Satan appear in Eden?
                In my quick painting above I present a scene that might be viewed as subtle and mysterious.  Indirectly I imagined a scene where Adam and Haweh are h…
                • Thanks Steve, I looked for it but could not find it.


      • I assume by 'their actions' you mean their disobedience to God.  Disobedience to God has been man's undoing all down the ages, and never more so that this present age, when almost every ordinance of God has been broken, through changes in the law or by so called, freedom of choice.

        • Yes, I meant their disobedience.

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