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The Tree of Life

I had the desire recently to paint a 'Tree of Life' in the Garden of Paradise, as Adam may have seen it.  I figured that perhaps it might have appeared to Adam much like the Burning Bush later did to Moses (Exodus 3).  I do not think these are entirely symbolic trees as Adam was in a real Garden and he and Eve were really tested.  Adam is also in real genealogies coming down to the messiah.  Just the same, much speculation exists.

If you look at Exodus 3 and the experience of Moses it says, 'burning bush', but I doubt if regular flames were witnessed by Moses.  He obviously had a boo-rattelee moment and was in the focused presence of God, which was cleansing to Moses much like what Isaiah experienced in Isaiah 6.  The tree of life obviously represented obediance to God and truth as well as symbolizing life.  I figure that it had a glow about it and looked something like the way I painted it. What do you say?

pastor Zomok

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  • Very nice emphasis Z, and thanks for sharing!


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  • I am not sure about the tree of life glowing or burning, I asked myself, would I have even approached the tree, let alone picked or eaten fruit from it is it were glowing?  In the case of Moses bush that seemed to be in flames but was not consumed, I think this was God was behind or in the didst of the bush.  People who oppose the specific creation, often point out that the Sun was created too late in the process, but we can read in many places that God is light, or pure intelligent energy, which can explain the "Let there be light," days before the Sun appeared.  God's radiance is also noted throughout the Bible, right through to Revelation.  When NASA investigated the Shroud of Turin, they said that the image conformed with a burst of radiation, similar to solar radiation.  So I tend to believe that the 'Burning Bush' was in fact God's presence in or behind the bush.  Would God have left His radiant presence on the tree, maybe, but I doubt it.

  • Very beautifull picture, and also a nice illustration. If you can paint also the tree of knowing the good and evil. It will be nice also. But paint it first on a paper and let us or me see it. Remember to choose an other fruit maybe in your mind, but not an Apple.

    • Maybe the fruit was 'The Knowledge'.


    • Over 80 percent of my art is watercolor painting on paper.  I don't do digital painting; just freehand painting by eye or imagination.  I would simply paint an ordinary tree that would have a fruit tree form with no shine or shimmer.  It was just the disobediance of Adam and wife that gave them knowledge of good and evil.  The tree of Knowledge of good and evil had no special properties as it was just their actions around the tree that were wrong.

      • That's why I ask you if you can paint also the tree of knowledge and evil to. But not with an apple fruit. Just the way that you have imagined the one that you have post. I will see if I can find an example. 

        • Michael I will have a go at it soon. I doubt that the fruit was an apple.  I am more inclined to favor the fig as being the fruit in question.  Fig leaves are mentioned in the account.

          • My friend the tree that you have painted isn't the tree of good and evil. That is the tree of live. The tree of good and evil is the forbidden tree. That's why I ask you if you can paint that tree too. And remember that the snake maybe have legs or wings. 

            • Michel, interstingly , I posted a few months ago that a serpent/snake fossil has been found that has legs, and there are no intermediate snake forms with the legs deminishing, it seems that the snake lost its legs suddenly. 

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