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urgent prayer request

Dear brothers and sisters

I am in great confusion of many things all of the sudden raised.

1. I have sever pain in feet and am not able to walk much even though i have taken medicines.

2. We are going to hold VBS by June  first or second week  we want to reach about at least 200 children this time also but there are many opposition for Gospel and parents are reluctant to send even day care where we teach scriptures Please pray for remove obstacles and safe situation and meet expenses and wise teachers needed

3. There are three churches now ( one in slum and another one is village and main church is also village and slum between) We need at least one full time worker to help these ministries and to look after 2 children day centers  Please pray for this struggle to get over by getting right person and to raise support for him also.

In fact our main church is growing but no money is coming nor we can emphasis on money part 1. They are coming from financially not sound enough 2.I am a  servant of God  I MUST TRUST GOD RATHER TO DEPEND ON  PEOPLE. so please pray about it. our total income every month offering is 12000 Rupees ($ 200) if anything comes extra any time in the month that is God s miracle only I need to help children centers and sunday school and need to get entergy bill and water etc.  It is insufficient but God makes it possible miraculously. 

4. My older son Franklin will be getting married on 17th May please pray for his needs and I need to help him in everything as well 

These are stressing me a lot but I TRUST GOD WHO CALLED ME TO SERVE HIM

Your prayers would be a great help like back bone .

your brother


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  • Brother Jagan,  You have my prayers going up for you and your ministries.  May the Good LORD Bless you and lift you up as you go about spreading HIS GOOD NEWS.  GOD BLESS each and every one of your endeavors and may HE also see to your healing.  

    • Dear sister 

      Thanks a lot and lot for your prayers and my feet is getting better now and sure I will over come everything by His grace and your constant prayers for me. 

      God bless you sister


  • Brother Jagan; I pray, as I'm sure many from this site do, that the Lord protect you completely from any attacks from the enemy and healing blessings for your feet and finances. I trust Him to hear all our prayers, and answer them completely for your ministry. Keep us informed, as you have been, about the goings on there!

    • Most Beloved Pastor 

      Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name

      Of course I am very very thankful and grateful to you and your prayers that made for me,  By His grace my feet  is getting better and according to your advise I went to doctor and checked everything nothing is there in blood.  Please continue to pray for other related stuff that I have already mentioned in my early letter to you sir.  I am sure I will have victory over all these  I know many of the saints like you praying regularly to support this critical situation.

      Once again I am very very thankful and grateful to you personal for praying me Amen!!!

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