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Want to fellowship

Greetings everyone,

I am new here and would like to get to know people on this site. I am not sure how to go about doing that (aside from responding to people's forum posts). If there are other ways to get to know people on this forum, then any assistance will be much appreciated.

In peace

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  • Welcome

  • James, I recommend downloading the Newcomer's Guide from the top of the Home Page.  That pdf will tell you most of what you need to get started on CLM.

    • Hi Derek,

      Thanks for sharing this.

      In peace


      • You may like to share something of your life or start a discussion that may encourage members to chat or make comments.  

        I’m Derek, as you know, I am seventy-five currently but that may change, I have even a Christian since 1972, when I asked Christ into my life, but didn’t give Him my life until three years later.  Since that time I think I have done almost every job in the church, other than solomising marriages.  By far my favourite jobs have been preaching and being involved in Christian worship music, playing both guitar and drums.  Sadly never lead worship by singing, I have a voice that could empty a church within the first five bars of any song, still we are charged to make a joyful noise, but my voice has never been  classed as joyful.

        I went forward for ordination within the Church of England, but quickly found my beliefs were not compatible with the teaching of thr church.  In 2009 we retired to Greece, but were forced to return to the UK in 2014, because of my wife’s surgical needs. which as we lived on an island the health care was very poor God’s hand again, because I was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2017, and would possibly be dead now if we had not returned.  We now live in the UK county of Cornwall on the far southwest of UK.  Well that’s my introduction.

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