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Was the light I saw God?

This probably should have been the first thing to post about when I first joined this forum but I had other things on my mind that I needed answers for, with that being said, I have a story that I wanted to share. I can't remember the exact day or month it happened, it was either late last year or early this year. Anyway I woke up in the middle of the night one night and got out of bed, I opened up the window curtain and I saw this white light in my backyard. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a street light or a house light as it was in my backyard and it was really bright like in my face, I was like "What is that?" and I rubbed my eyes but it was still there, I started to freak out so I closed my window curtain and went back to bed. Could the white light I saw have been God or one of his angels? Or was it just my sub concious messing with me? Or maybe it was God in my sub concious trying to tell me something? Whatever it was I really felt like I seen a spirit that night.

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  • Hi Alixon, God bless you!

    I've been thinking about it a couple days. Just because it was outside, I don't see anything beneficial by something walking around in your backyard. What purpose could God or one of His holy angels have to walk around in your yard? God has a purpose for everything He says and does. He doesn't walk around in someone's yard.

    It's dark at night, any light can seem bright. Are you sure it wasn't a potential intruder? I've had police officers poking around in my yard chasing a suspect. There's was several flashlights moving around my yard. Just posing the question. And I've also had someone snooping around on the ramp. I knew they were there before they knew that I knew. The cat was watching them and let me know. I've also had the a firetruck drive by and shine it's light in my window. It's this spotlight and very bright. I'd call the police. Anyhow, I'm just offering the ideas.

    I'm not saying you couldn't have had a spiritual experience.

    God bless,


  • If you felt 'Freaked out' it was probably not the Lord or even a mere messenger because God is not the author of confusion.  (1 Corinthians 14: 33). I think it more likely that you seen something more regular.


  • With anything like this we need to look for parallels in God's word, has this happened to anyone else, has anyone in the church experienced this? The first one that comes to mind is Saul, who became Paul [Acts 9:3-8], he certainly came into the presence of the ascended Jesus. We also find "Lucifer [in Isaiah 14:12] is the Latin translation of 'Helel', which means “brightness.” who is said to appear in a bright light “bright morning star” which is also applied to Jesus in Revelation 22:16. Jesus Himself compares Himself to light John 8:12 “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

    There are many instances of light in the Bible, some are figurative, some are actual events, like Paul, and those generally bring with it some message or other. Angels often appear in light, and again they deliver a message, but it seems that you did not experience any spiritual event. I have had several experiences of seeing a room filled with vivid light, but each time it was when we were praying and the light was, I believe, the presence of the Holy Spirit.

    So really I cannot say whether your experience was God, or of God or the Spirit, simply because there is no spiritual experience associated with it, God seems not to just flash lights around for no reason. Can I suggest that if this happens again, you start praying that if it is of God, to reveal what He has to say, as Samuel was told to say by Eli “Speak Lord your servant is listening.” [1 Samuel 3:9].

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