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 we as human beings are nothing but nasty, heartless, thoughtless non caring rotten to the core monsters. We destroy the earth, litter the landscape,abuse animals, litter in the ocean, we are nothing but a bunch of big fat meanies now we have to be very careful about how we act towards the Lord, the Lord has been so good to us we don't even appreciate his goodness so therefore we don't deserve to be blessed because like you say we're going to God for all the selfish reasons we fail to realize that were not being sincere in what we ask of him. If we as human beings are not careful, God will show his wrath towards us 

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  • You do know your tongue and speak are powerful. You spoke evil and bitterness and you will reap the same. No one deserve Grace, that is what makes it Grace. God knows us all of us, the good and the bad. He loves us anyway, so we are called to love people regardless. It is very easy to get so angry and frustrated,  especially in today's society. Christians are special and a chosen generation,  we are called to show love in hate. Light in darkness and not let the bitterness in. 

    I am guilty fo being angry and fed up with the evilness of men myself. I have become angrier also. I remember, if they knew better then they would do better. Although some people just do not care we do not become like them.  Put LOVE OUT there, it can kill Hate.

  • Hello Jeremiah, As I started to think about how I was going to address your general opinion of people, I thought first that I felt resentful, but as I thought a bit longer, decided that resentful wasn't right.  The right word and feeling is hurt.  I felt a genuine pain in my heart that you might think that of me and others like me.  There are many others like me who do care for others and the environment and all of those things.  The one thing I personally care about the most is making sure that my family, friends and Brothers and Sisters in Christ know without a doubt that I love, care and would do anything in my power to help in whatever capacity needed.  If you doubt me, just please take the chance to get to know me before passing judgement.  That's all I ask.  I am a good friend if you need one.  I will send you a friend request if you like.  Thank you for reading my thoughts and I do love you in Christian Love.  terry

    • I didn't mean to offend anyone, I was just explaining about how some people act in a way that is unplesing towards the Lord I was just explaining about how some people are being heartless towards others and disrespecting the land. It's not that i'm judging you or anybody I was only speaking about what I have exprienced and no I don't doubt you it was just that based on my expriences I have seen how some people mistreat others and mistreat the environment so if you feel that I offendend you then I truly apologize for my actions, I didn't know that is was going to offend some people and no I don't judge nobody I was sharing some of my experiences.

  • Ah, but the Spirit of God enters our being when we come in faith believing in the redemptive work of Christ on the Cross, His Resurrection and coming again. We get to stand before our Holy God in confidence because of HIM not because of anything we've done. You're so right, we deserve no good thing but HE makes us worthy. He replaces our hearts of stone with life. He has already shown His wrath for those who are truly His.... on the cross in His Son, Jesus. There is nothing we can do to "appease" Him.... Jesus already did it in His being the perfect sacrifice. We can however live lives of gratefulness for every breathe, every moment, every good gift the Father gives including our eternal salvation.

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