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OH what a glorious morning this May 25th looks to be!!!  It's just 5:45 a.m. here in Central Indiana, USA, and light is just beginning to lighten the sky.  Today happens to be Memorial Day.  Now set to honor those fallen soldiers who have given their all for us.  But, as a small child, I was taught by my beloved grandmother that Memorial Day was a day to go out to the cemeteries and spend the day in the family plots or entire family cemeteries with picnic lunches and the tools to clean the markers, clip the grasses and plant flowers.  It was a day for families to be together and honor all of those who had passed on, not just our soldiers, although I suspect that even back then it was a day for all the dead to be honored, but those who had fallen protecting our freedoms were honored a bit more.  

I personally don't go to the cemeteries because it saddens me so that those I love are no longer with us and also, those that I love are not there in those places.  It is just the clay shell that held their spirits while on this earth that are there.  I choose to honor those fallen soldiers, pioneer ancestors, and more recent ancestors in my heart rather than go to a grave site where they truly are not there.  I realize that I should not hesitate to go to the cemeteries to pay homage to our dead, but I see no sense in that.  Would it not be better to spend my time honoring them by spending time with a child decedent offering guidance or possibly planting the seed of knowledge of JESUS CHRIST in young minds and hearts?  I try to do that not just on this day set aside to  honor our fallen, but every day I am in contact with a young life.  I know I am no expert at teaching, I don't remember the Gospel as I should, but I try to implant the knowledge for them to carry with them that there is a GOD and a JESUS who love us all to the extreme.  To the extreme that JESUS CHRIST the only son of GOD died on a cross on Calvary's Mountain, far away and thousands of years ago, for each and every one of us.  HE didn't do it just for those who had plenty, he did it for ALL of us, the weak, the poor, even those who are criminals, HE died for all of those, and you and me.  That IS what I believe I should honor most of all today, and every day of my life.  

I don't care if it pours down rain on us all today, I am going to rejoice in the knowledge that I am redeemed, and I am going to pass on that knowledge to others I come in contact with today and every day for as may of those days the LORD sees fit to give me, then when it is time that I stand before him in front of the Book of Life, my FATHER GOD will say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."  

Just my thoughts this Monday, May 25th, Memorial Day 2015.  May the LORD Bless you and keep you safe, well and happy not just today but every day.  

In the words of a cousin of mine who has now passed on, "Live, Love, Do Good"


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