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What Do You Really Want?

If I can have everyone's attention for just a moment. I would like to ask every member here a few simple questions:"

  1. What do you really want from CLM?
  2. What will bring you back to CLM?
  3. What do you anticipate or hope for in CLM?

*Please answer any or all 3 of these questions in the comments area below.

Helping us answer these basic questions will help us build a better community for you.

Thank you very much and God bless!


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    • I believe you have this here and now here. Let me know if you find otherwise.


  • Cary,

      1. I would like this site to be more interactive. If the members could be updated so that there are no stagnate members leading groups that would be helpful.

      2. I bring a lot of knowledge. I already added videos, offered to lead some leaderless groups, and want to help this site grow. I already added a blog to my website about this site trying to drive more people your way.

      3. I hope to see your site grow and hope to be a part of it. There are some changes that I think should be made but for now, just getting more members I think is what this site needs to start becoming something more.

       My hope is to grow my ministry and I would like to help you in any way that I can.

       God be with you and I appreciate the opportunity to help in any way that I can.


       Kathi Hole

  • Hello,

    I am here because I want to connect with more brothers and sisters in Christ beyond my church and community. I want to reach out to my family around the world for we are part of God's wonderful family. I pray that we can share God's love through caring for and supporting each other. I hope to get to better know you :-) 

    God bless you all!

  • 1. I looking for a positive alternative to Facebook and found this site. I am hoping it stays and willing to helpout as needed. I have plenty of time to share.

    2. Here to stay!!

    3. That it continues to grow and doesn't fade away. We (Christians) need this because the other social media sites are trying to stifle our views.

  • My answers to all three questions:-

    1.I come from a very far away country, INDIA, and live and serve the Lord in such remote villages, and I am the executive director, founder and senior Pastor of our Independent Indigenous mission, totally among unreached people. I hardly come across FRIENDS.....meaning, "I will never more call you as servants, but Friends; for I have revealed all that My father told me....type priends in Christ. Friends who have "learned to love".. inspite of one's colour, creed and natrionality differences, and friends like Johathan, who gave up his rights and throne for the establishment of David's throne, which was God's rule again....

    2. God's people and their warm fellowship, currection, guidance, PRAYER SUPPORT, encouragements, revelations, words of knowledge, prophecies, et..."And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations"(Luke. 16:9)

    3. I can only pray for this ministry of "Bringing God's People" in one place and give them the privilege, to learn to love, to have fellowship, and to prepare ech other for His 2nd comming. 




  • I enjoy listening to how people come there own conclusions in the discussions and how everyone is so warm toward one another.

    what brings me back is the interaction and knowing people care.  I like the nonjudgmental responds I get on those times when I know I may have stuck my foot in my mouth,,, and I appreciate the patience people have here.

    Rolf and Dr Derek  yes I agree have been a powerful pull for me to keep searching  for G-D

  • I'm going to answer Question #3. 0 I anticipate further in-depth discussions and Bible studies which will result in an ever-growing closeness to our Savior. A place where we can honestly search the scriptures, and continued respect of one another's beliefs and understanding of the Word of God. This would entail searching the Word of God together and learning what the Bible truly says without prejudice or condemnation.

    • Amen and I especially agree with the "without prejudice or condemnation" part :)

  • I see CLM as a place to unite all Christians regardless of whatever background we have had in our faith journey. We all have a common goal to grow closer to Jesus and live by the Scriptures.  I'd like to feel at home here.  Please continue in the good work to keep this site running. May God bless you all.

    • Thank you Linda & God bless you!

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