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Why a Wall?

Those of you who know me know that I don't always understand things, especially political.  That having been said I will go on record with who I Proudly voted for, and that was our now President Trump.  I have only now had a question come up in my little pea brain after listening to a conversation between a couple of family members.  The topic of the conversation was about the wall between us and Mexico.  What has come to my mind is this:  How similar is this wall that is going to be built between us and Mexico to the Berlin Wall?  Have people forgotten the lives risked and lost when people tried to escape that wall? 

The reason this is troubling me is that while living I Mainz, Germany while my husband was stationed there I had the pleasure of being introduced to a lady that had come from behind that awful wall.  The day she made it out she was pregnant and accompanied by both parents and her husband.  She and her mother made it out.  Her Dad and husband were shot to death in the attempt for a better life.  For the life of me I cannot remember her name.  I met her through my husband's 1st Sgt. who later married her and brought her and her 15 year old son home to Indianapolis.  I pray they have had a wonderful life here.

The memory of her personal story has brought fear into my heart for any possible lost lives and shame I see  over this new wall and the fact that anything resembling the Berlin Wall on our soil.  That is the only thing I question concerning this presidency. 

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  • We already have a partial wall on the south end of Imperial Beach at the Mexican Border.  No big deal to me.  

    God told us in Isaiah 41 to "Fear not, for I am with you."  We have nothing to fear.

    • I experienced the Berlin Wall and the one the separates the north from the south of Cyprus, we were there the day the Turks first allowed the people from the north, who had been turned out of the homes, back to retrieve belongings and visit, some forty years later.  There was celebration, and there was misery, on both sides of that wall, families forceably split, people made into desperately poor people.  One side of the wall Christian (Greek Orthodox) the other Moslem, both sides people who loved, laughed and lost.  Like the East Germans, it was for their own good, neither side achieved that.

      We always have to vilify someone, once it was the Soviets (evil though they were because they were godless) then came industry and Global Warming, and finally Islam, misguided though they are.  We need an enemy, Satan is not enough, we need an enemy we can see, we need a focus for our hate, because man loves to hate.  And now there is a new enemy for most of the world in the shape of President Trump.  Here in the UK there have been today demonstrations and riots, a 1.6 million signature petition to stop his state visit (to the Prime Minister's Office), another enemy to hate.

      Why must we keep breeding hate? why must we add to the hate with yet another wall or indiscriminate travel bans, we just don't need more hate.

      • I would disagree, Brother Derek, that Pres. Trump is hated more than liked. The media and entertainment industry is being led by some really fanatical democrats to push for that belief to come out and all you see over there is the result of the media. Take a poll of this site, or talk to random Americans and see the difference. Also, the travel ban is not indiscriminate and affects very few people, some unreasonably (esp. to them) but we don't want to have enclaves where police don't go out of fear of the moslems running it and other such nonsense as in Europe, and He is doing what seems reasonable and right to most people (except the media and entertainment industry). Once we can properly "vett" the people coming over from those countries, we will start doing so.

        • I agree that fewer people hate Trump than we are led to believe by the Media.  They seem to have an agenda.  Their day of reckoning is fast approaching.  Their untruths and exaggerations are being found out.

        • You obviously haven't seen the News clips from the UK.  On Sunday and yesterday the TV and print media has been full of Trump-hate.  Demonstrations (some violent) in many cities, including some places where you would not expect there to be, including Plymouth, where mostly demonstrations are unheard of.  The Office of the Prime Minister runs a service where citizens can start petitions (which need 100,000 signatures to be acknowledged) as of last night has 1.7 million signatures to stop your president from making a 'State Visit'.

          Personally I think this is stupid and short sighted as President Trump is very pro-British and after leaving the EU we will need the friendship of the US.  You do not kick friends in the mouth.  Over all, except for the wall, I an generally happy with your President's performance so far, as it seems from the latest opinion polls are the majority of US citizens.

          • I agree completely when you say the TV and print media have been full of Trump-Hate. It's that way here, also. All the major media franchises except Fox are dead set against the man and their coverage of his actions reflect it. Most people watch the TV to determine who to like, or not. When the media distorts, lies, puts out hard core propaganda, etc. to further a particular political party their vapid, irrational viewpoints influence a lot of people just to follow along. As far as the demonstrations, like at JFK Airport, a large percentage of the protesters there, and at other sites, have been proven to be paid $50 a day and put up in a hotel by George Soros and company thru the Democratic party (repeatedly shown and reported by the non-mainsteam media).  An interesting article called "Trump's Enemies" can be found at


            I recommend it highly.

  • When I was a student, back in the sixties, my best-friend and I went hitch-hiking around Europe, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.  Like so many we were curious about the things of WWII that had only ended less than twenty years previously, we were amazed at how many swastika surmounted buildings there were across Europe, we were fascinated, and of course we had to see the Berlin Wall that was still under construction.  It was so oppressive, we felt violated just being there.

    Years later my eldest son was in the British Army and he was stationed in Germany during 1989 to 1992 period, when the wll came down,  the British Army were used in some of the demolition and being in the Engineers Regiment (REME) managed to get a piece of the wall, which he brought back to the UK for me as a scrutineer.  You know, I just couldn't have it in the house, it went out into the garden, in the rock-garden and was finally dumped.  There was something attached to that piece of concrete, something evil and spiritual.

    • I felt a very evil, oppressive force when our ARMY unit went to the wall in 1978. We caused them to hve an alert by a company of American soldiers in uniform approaching "No Mans Land"; sirens went off, their troops hustled to get into defensive positions, etc. We had to keep a certain distance, and make sure our nme on the uniform showed, as they were all being written down in their guard tower, where they had machine guns pointed at us. Really freaky, evil place.

  • Thank you as well for your input on this topic Brother William.  I do appreciate getting others' opinions on things I don't quite understand.  I still am a bit concerned because this type of thing could so easily abused.  I am, however. turning into an isolationist I'm afraid and that is taking things too far as we.  I thnk you for your input as well.  May GOD Bless you and yours.

    • I fully agree we you as well Terry and that would should not close our borders completely and keep everyone out. I agree with your reference to the Berlin wall and I pray that is not what we become. A delicate balance is what is truly needed. We need to protect our borders and at the same time be able to open our doors for those that need it.

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