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Why Children Choose Homosexuality.

Posted on behalf of Martin Bobinac


I would like to start/or join a discussion on why children choose homosexuality. I have researched this and feel I have some incites. By choose, I mean I exclude those who from early on have felt or thought for sure that their souls were one sex and their bodies another. In this new arena of alternate life style acceptance, perhaps a different approach to counseling might help to offer help to some. What am I getting at ? OK ! Firstly n the 80's a study was done on some animals. They were placed in a large cage with ample food & water and allowed to reproduce till they were so overcrowded they were crawling over one another. In a short while 40% of the population started engaging in homosexual sex as a survival tool' (true story). And these were rats who supposedly can't make logical decisions. My point being that there are too many factors in modern society which create deviant behaviour (non-mainstream-harmful or harmless). Prison systems that forbid normal sexual contact  turn young abused offenders into future sexual predators. Our puritan leftover morals about acceptable punishment for crimes is exactly what is to blame for the fact that sex-crimes of all natures are becoming,(in America ;where I live) so common they don't even make the news. Some prisons allow conjugal visits but the vast majority of prisoners aren't married. We grow vipers; turn them loose and then complain about snakebite. Sex-ed classes in schools need to loose the 18th. century mind-sets and get 21st century information to explain the lethal negative mental programing that is propagating and encouraging the latest;"whatever works for you" social attitudes. And as to why---because it's easier to allow / do nothing / believe things are beyond fixing than to get off our collective butts and find answers and implement them. One real idiot phrase was coined by a former 1st. lady (presidents wife); it was to "Just say, NO !" Oh-yah! That always works with troubled adolescents..We still treat mental illness with rattles /drums and inscence; incarceration / mind-dumbing drugs / telling the victims to pray about it don't work. No better than lobotomy and shock therapy did in the 50's. If a person doesn't believe they are deaf or thinks it's normal we can never convince them to seek a hearing aid. That said, lets try this ... If we could get some famous athletes or actors to speak out and say the words; "Gay isn't bad but it isn't normal. Blind / dyslexic / or downs syndrome isn't evil but it severely limits a person. Why do gays have the highest percentage of suicides? Stick to the science and the psychology and forget about old testament condemnations. The kids don't believe in GOD so why should HIS opinions matter to them...I know I'm asking for help moving a mountain with teaspoons but we have to start somewhere.  If a few famous folk would stop being politically correct and get on Twitter & Facebook and say;"Hey, listen up! Yer being had! Studies prove 70 / 80 % of gays lead unhappy lives!" Maybe we can counter some of the pro-libertine propaganda kids get ..When every Movie, TV show, even cartoons, has a happy, socially acceptable gay couple more decent than the characters on "little house on the prairie" were. I'm done ranting. In Christ ! w/hopes for a way to at least fill some sandbags before the flood!


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  • The gay and lesbian issue is largely due to an unbalanced family and society.  Things are out of order and not functioning very well.  Much of this is caused by Satanic influence and drugs.  God has to be brought back into it, like it or not. And the problems with the 'gay' life style needs to stop being whitewashed. It is a death style!  Kids need structure in life and stable families along with guidance..

    • The "gay" liberation movement of the 1970's was essentially a celebration of reckless hedonism and extreme promiscuity along with drug abuse, with some drugs, like nitrate inhalants (poppers) coming to be identified with the so-called lifestyle. Thus the advent of AIDS, originally, and accurately, being called Gay-Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome (GRIDS). But that was regarded as "homophobic" and therefore not politically correct. Hence AIDS. That having sometimes thousands of sexual partners, repeated venereal infections, combined with daily prophylactic use of antibiotics, along with extreme drug abuse, would cause your immune system to collapse seems self-eveident. But these facts have been, as you say, whitewashed, I guess because someones feelings might be hurt. But absolutely, a death style.

      • Totally agree William, but here in the UK it has turned into an anti-Christian movement, attacking the very basis of our faith, and winning.  Winning for now, but what will happen when Jesus returns?


    • I agree Steve, but along-side drugs there is the need to 'experiment' "what's it like".  I believe that single parent families also add to the issue.  The numbers, however, do not suggest that children who live in single sex homes are influenced by their family background, in fact it seems the opposite.


      • I counsel kids almost every day  My approach to drugs use is similar to one about russian-roulette. "If you want to end up blind with a dent in one side of yer head and a big steel plate on the other, take a chance; pull the trigger !!" (the crippled are the lucky ones; many others overdose and die young !)   <m>

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    • I believe God said;"judge not ,lest ye be judged.." Having judged myself and welcoming any advice from anyone on how I can be a better Christian  I bolding stand on my faith and say this or that is wrong and evil .Shouting before the walls of Babylon is what we're supposed to do.  Why would there be a book of Judges if it were not so //??

      • I think the phrase, "judge not ,lest ye be judged" is not about judging whether something or someone has done or is evil.  I believe it is about whether someone belongs to Jesus or not, because we cannot see into the hearts of men, only God can do that.  We all do evil things, and those can mostly be seen or the effects be seen, of course we can sin in our minds, which is possibly where we all fall down, I know I do.  Is that person saved or not?  Leave it to God.


        • I agree w/U... But I have met so many Christians who think it means never voice an opinion on anything...Jesus was rather outspoken....

          • Quite so. My understanding of "Judge not.." is that we are urged not to assign value from a posture of self-righteous sanctimony, not to never voice an opinion regarding right v, wrong. I am often called judgemental by my peers. I then point out to them that they are being judgemental by calling me judgemental. Moreover when they say they don't judge they are implicitly making the judgement that non-judgemental is better than judgemental. So they arrive at a performative contradiction; their statement, if true, must be false. At that point I judge myself to be too clever for my own good:) In any case, to judge a person's heart is Gods' prerogative only. We cant because "All have sinned."


            • God gave us the ability to judge, as a means of self protection.  Just as we would not sit on a chair that may have a leg tied on by string, or held together by sticky-tape, so we also have judgement to see that which is evil.  The New Testament tells stories where the apostles or disciples needed to rebuke (re-educate) or point out something that was obviously wrong.  In Galatians 2:11 Paul rebukes Peter at Antioch .  Indeed in Matthew 18:15-17 Jesus says that if someone sins against us we must go to them and point out their fault. This then is Jesus telling us to be judgemental on the obvious, but not what is people's hearts.



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