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The Number of The Beast

After I explain this, Is why I believe the Beast is Allah (the "god" all Muslim's believe in)  What I will say here, because I have watched several of Walid's vidios about the the number,   of the beast, this one in particular: (please be patent…

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1 Reply · Reply by Pastor Rolf Anderson Dec 7, 2012

The Rapture

It's been a little while since we delved into this lively subject, and we have a lot of new members. Let's bring the subject up and discuss it again, and perhaps some of us can either learn more about both sides of the issue or express their…

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110 Replies · Reply by Steven Graham Apr 4, 2013


 Has anyone ever heard of the "Geneva Bible"?  I saw it advertised on TV the other day and was just wondering if there were changes or what was different, is it different? 

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19 Replies · Reply by Alan Walton Jan 1, 2013

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