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This is a funny incident that happened at a funeral I had just attended.We were explaining to the children how are bodies were nothing but shells of ourselves.and our souls go to heaven.All at once I heard a  little voice come from behind me and…

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Dear brothers and sisters

Our God is God of miracle worker. As I requested all of your to pray for our sound system the Lord touched it in a miraclous way by a believer who really helped to get it repaired and now it works Amen and it will…

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2 Replies · Reply by CVJagan Mohan Apr 6, 2013


     I heard The owner pays for this site out of his/her own pocket, Does anyone know if there is a donation link. Since I use this site, I would like to help pay by donating what I can afford to donate as often as I can, So just need to know if…

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6 Replies · Reply by MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS Mar 31, 2013

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