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This group is for gathering and disseminating information, opinion, and having discussions on the current state of America from a Christian viewpoint. Politics, Foreign Affairs, Culture, Current Issues; all are "fair game" here. There's so much going on in the World that shows the return of Jesus soon!


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About this group

With the elections coming up, and quite a few significant issues going on at this time in this country, this group was set up as a place to address some of these issues and problems with the intent to bring God into the discussion: What would He think, or do about some of these things. What would He want Christians on this site to be knowledgeable about that's going on in America right now?

I  think it reasonable to say that we all love America; some more, some less but we are all interested in whats to become of it in the next few years, and in how God can or will play a part in it.

"Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance." Psalms 33:12.

Of course, respect for opposing opinions must be respected here, as elsewhere on this site.

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  • It is Memorial Day Weekend 2019 and just another weekend to party hearty. I wonder just how many of us will stop and take the time to mentally thank honor and give the respect due those who not only fight to keep this country free (and I personally don't see where all this fighting is getting us other than killing our young men and women). Not only should our hearts and minds be on those first responders, police, doctors, nurses, paramedics who fight the battles on our streets from drugs to shootings and everything else Satan can serve up.
    There is also a group of heroes who go without recognition the things they do for our first responders. They are those iwho step up and pick up the slack when their first responder is called to duty and there are things that the responder would normally do but the family picks it up and carries on. So, let us all remember there are more heroes in this world than just our soldier (although he/she and police officers are the ones most likely to give their all) but there are also so many out there that we also need to say a prayer of safety and thanks. So as you think of what this weekend is and stands for, Appreciating those who protect us through thick or thin. Thank you to all of our responders and soldiers who are members here at CLM.
  • So, I was just censored on Youtube for my podcast "Abortion: an American Holocaust." They said my podcast was found to be inappropriate and offensive to some users who reported it. Nonsense! I checked to see how many people had "viewed" it, and found that no one had. Youtube lefties just decided they didn't want anyone to hear this topic.
    • Censorship.... DRIVES ME CRAZY! Can't be surprised though. I wouldn't doubt if organizations pay people well to roam the internet looking for such things. Wouldn't want truth out there grrrrrr
  • I have a podcast called Be the Light Daily and would like to share my latest called "Abortion: an American Holocaust" but was told not to share links. How can I share that with this community?
  • I am not sure how many watched the football game last night (sorry I know as little about the different teams as I do about politics) the players refused to stand and cover their hearts. If I understand things it was because they believe that the current political arena is too racist. The catalyst that made me watch the beginning of that game to see what they did was a long read on FB written by a black man who had been brought up in the '60's and '70's and suffered the chains of the oppression of racism during the '60's but then was part of the "turn around" during the '70's. He was of the opinion that equality is here today and believes it should stay. He also stated that if you don't want to be shot by a cop then don't pull a gun on them. Have some common sense.

    Well now, to my personal opinion.. I am awfully glad that there is a person of color out there who believes racism is no more. But the way I see things it isn't totally gone. There are still little pockets of it on both sides of the fence and I among many do not like it. Number 1 it is not showing what the Bible says about loving your neighbor as yourself. To my way of thinking the act of linking arms rather than the hand over the heart the way it has always been was a slap in the faces of our forefathers who helped give birth to our once great nation and it CAN be great once more. We MUST AS A NATION GET BACK TO THE BIBLE and each and every one of us live it daily. We must also stand up against those who promote the belittling of our beliefs and loves. Our children need to be educated as they once were to respect things in life such as other people regardless of their color or nationality. Now, I am full of these opinions and I may have been garbled as I was writing, but I believe I got my thoughts across. Now we need to band together as Christians and formulate how to deal with this mess and get this country back on track. I for one think it should begin with the education of our young people and we do not wait until school age to do it, we start from the time they can understand the spoken word. So, parents take up your responsibilities once again and don't leave the educating up to the teachers. We have some pretty free thinking teachers out there who don't agree with a GOD LIKE Life.

    Sorry to be so windy but the football thing just set my mind to reeling. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you for reading this.
    • I agree we as Americans need to get back to the Bible but as my research showed, it all began with the Supreme Court of the United States in several decisions to ban and removed the Bible and prayers from public schools and removing the Ten Commandments from the public between 1950s and the year 1980. This is the actual first restoring I strongly believe that we need to put Bibles and prayers back to public schools. Researches out there have shown that fact after removing those Bibles and prayers from schools, school crimes went straight up fast and scores of ACTs and SATs nose dived. Because of this, the domino effect went on to adulthood and now this is why all the schools are afraid of guns starting with Columbine and on. Now its all routine. We need to elect all candidates who are stalwart Christians who would promise and actually propose bills to restore Bibles and prayers and devotions in public schools no matter what and remove all Liberal teachers and unions so we can start with the children as a repentence. Other wise, like what the Jewish people faced in Old Testament when they rebelled against God, their nation was taken by others or faced harsh punishment. Now, this kind of punishment in the US can be Communists-Socialists-Muslim take over allowed by God and has been allowing since the removal of the Bibles-prayer-Ten Commandments from public schools and public places. So, we will face this suffering when and already happening now.

      I have been boycotting NFL since the Janet Jackson exposure incident (not an accident!)
    • Brother Mark, I must agree with you on the points that you make here. However, I fist believe that the religious education of our children (which I was sadly a failure at making GOD First and Foremost in my 2) we the parents and also the grandparents and great grandparents should all carry as a duty to give proper instruction and set exemplary examples for our young people today to live by. Like charity, religious faith should begin at home.

      My sense of humor is cutting in here and I have to admit I do not watch the NFL, my husband does. I prefer Swamp People or Looking for Bigfoot. LOL
    • Yes we all, those of us who are parents, bear the responsibility of making sure that our offspring are brought up under the word of God and to respect Him. The world however, has other designs on our children, both the world, the flesh and Satan will try to destroy the teaching that we have given them and so often these day the world wins. I have two sons, one is a disaster, the other is the pride of my life. They were both brought us as Christians, had a Christian peer-group and friends, both went to church and joined in the church activities. The eldest went off the rails, came out of High-school with only basic qualifications, despite the fact that he was a child-genius. He joined the British Army and became an alcoholic, has been married and divorced with half a dozen children by three different mothers. Since buying himself out of the army, he has held down intermittent jobs and been in trouble with the police. My youngest son is the opposite, worked hard for High-school qualifications, obtained a place at university, gained a first class degree and a Masters degree, has run his own business and is now re-training to be a teacher, and what is moor important, he remains a believer.
      Some say this is nurture versus nature, but in my mind it is God versus the world. Try as we may we are fighting against the world, the flesh, and to a lesser sense Satan, strong people will win through, and those strong in the Spirit. As long as we have done our job God is satisfied. Witnessing to our family is possibly the hardest thing, because they know you better than anyone else, they see your flaws and you morals, or lack there-of. You can't kid your family.
  • I was pondering today about all the folks the world over battling cancer, my Daddy included. I had three sobering thoughts. First the cure for cancer may have already been aborted forever more because it was to come from a child who if left to grow into an adult would have unlocked the mysteries unlocking the cure. Second what if the cure for cancer is some small obscured plant that's unknown growing in a seven acre plot of land owned by a CHURCH in a small corner of the world. It might never be found by researchers because man does not want to retain GOD in his knowledge, so GOD hides the cure. Third ,what if the Christian Prays continually and the LORD heals without any medical cure or plant ? (Mark 10:27) And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible". I really do believe that all things are possible with GOD . That nothing is so small or hidden from HIS face and glance. Lets keep the LORD in our hearts and minds so the hand of mercy is extended to humanity through HIS healing touch.
  • If this has been asked before please direct me to the conversation but I was wondering what your thoughts are on christians and their role in politics. I have heard that there are denominations that teach that it is all in God's hands and not compelled to vote or speak out on issues. I see in scripture that we are to pray or those in the government and be in submission to authorities but I've wondered ... above prayer and submission just what is a christian's responsibility in it all.
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