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This group is for gathering and disseminating information, opinion, and having discussions on the current state of America from a Christian viewpoint. Politics, Foreign Affairs, Culture, Current Issues; all are "fair game" here. There's so much going on in the World that shows the return of Jesus soon!


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About this group

With the elections coming up, and quite a few significant issues going on at this time in this country, this group was set up as a place to address some of these issues and problems with the intent to bring God into the discussion: What would He think, or do about some of these things. What would He want Christians on this site to be knowledgeable about that's going on in America right now?

I  think it reasonable to say that we all love America; some more, some less but we are all interested in whats to become of it in the next few years, and in how God can or will play a part in it.

"Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance." Psalms 33:12.

Of course, respect for opposing opinions must be respected here, as elsewhere on this site.

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  • Why do you use past tense? God is alive. The question is...What is God telling you to do?
  • Politics is divided because the church is divided. Have you ever wondered why are there over 280 different "Christians " denominations, but only 1 Christ? He came to end the old testament division and added on laws, then people took Him and divided Him up too. One Jesus One Religion. Think about it.
  • Yes it's in a state of emergency for us christians in michigan. Muslims are stoning Christians not far from me in Dearborn. Just horrible!
    • Can you share more information about this? I haven't heard anything. Is that one of those Muslim encampments there in Dearborne?
    • I had read about that. It happened in 2013 at an Arabfest in Dearborn, Michigan. It was a group of “Christian” preachers were led by Ruban Israel who has a reputation for instigating and targeting certain groups of people in order to make them look bad and him better. He and his followers had interrupted an Arabfest and started picketing and loudly preaching, not to actually share the Gospel but to be heard and to gain attention. Muslims began throwing stones at them. It was mainly kids and teenagers that were throwing stones and trash at the preachers. The adults were trying to get the kids to stop throwing stones at them. Apparently, this Rubin Israel has done this more than once in order to make the news.
    • Sounds like typical media fake news. They come on the air and tell us what happened, and the version they tell isn't true but it generates the most publicity and viewership for the news. They do similar things to any news from the White House as well, slanting everything against the Pres. I get angry watching the newscasters butcher up stories.
    • It could very well be fake news. It was not mentioned at all in any mainstream media. The only articles I had read about it were all from Christian news sites (who are always a week or so late and often without most facts) and alt-media like The Blaze and other small news sites. I rarely read any western media any more. They all follow the globalist agenda because that is who sanctions them. I do not trust any media unless it is interesting enough for me to cross-reference with multiple news sites and it actually makes sense. Even then, I am a little dubious.
  • It is Memorial Day Weekend 2019 and just another weekend to party hearty. I wonder just how many of us will stop and take the time to mentally thank honor and give the respect due those who not only fight to keep this country free (and I personally don't see where all this fighting is getting us other than killing our young men and women). Not only should our hearts and minds be on those first responders, police, doctors, nurses, paramedics who fight the battles on our streets from drugs to shootings and everything else Satan can serve up.
    There is also a group of heroes who go without recognition the things they do for our first responders. They are those iwho step up and pick up the slack when their first responder is called to duty and there are things that the responder would normally do but the family picks it up and carries on. So, let us all remember there are more heroes in this world than just our soldier (although he/she and police officers are the ones most likely to give their all) but there are also so many out there that we also need to say a prayer of safety and thanks. So as you think of what this weekend is and stands for, Appreciating those who protect us through thick or thin. Thank you to all of our responders and soldiers who are members here at CLM.
  • So, I was just censored on Youtube for my podcast "Abortion: an American Holocaust." They said my podcast was found to be inappropriate and offensive to some users who reported it. Nonsense! I checked to see how many people had "viewed" it, and found that no one had. Youtube lefties just decided they didn't want anyone to hear this topic.
    • Censorship.... DRIVES ME CRAZY! Can't be surprised though. I wouldn't doubt if organizations pay people well to roam the internet looking for such things. Wouldn't want truth out there grrrrrr
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