Greetings! Most of us love animals. It's often diffuicult not to, at least, find them entertaining at times. Throughout history, we have utilized animals in many different ways. Some for their fur or feathers, many for food, some for their bones. Certain types have become house pets that offer companionship, and some are even used in assisting people with medical issues. Certain types of animals have been known to carry heavy loads or pull sleds and buggies. There are some animals that carry people right on their backs.


God has thought of everything when it comes to creation. He knew that we would all need to use animals for various reasons, and so, God created them on the same day as He had created us! The reason for this group is to learn about the many different creatures God has allowed into the Bible. Many people are unaware certain types of animals are even mentioned in His word. Others have said they have never even heard of some of these animals. But they are all in the Bible. So, feel free to read along, offer comments, and share with us what your favourite Bible animal is!


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  • Hello I was once ask a question I like to share on here if I may, we live in a beautiful world no doubt about it, all of creation sings to the glory of God, In all of creation what is the best evidence there is a God? I love to hear you answer(s),
    • Hi Jonathan. I would say that the best evidence for the existence of God is His love. His love is more than any human can ever possibly comprehend. The reason there even is a creation is because of that love. He thought of everything when He created us and the world in which we live.

      I don't know if you've ever gone camping out in nature. When I have there were times I would just lay on the ground, look up at the sky, hear the many different sounds of animals and of leaves blowing on trees, and I would inhale the many great scents that the world around me has to offer at that moment. It is at those moments that it is as though God is waving down at me from His heavens and saying, "I am happy you are enjoying My creation, Patrick."

      I've know many highly intelligent and very creative people throughout my life. However, none of them would ever be able to come up with an idea to create something like the world God has created for us. There is details far beyond human comprehension that God has placed within each and every part of His creation. Here we are, several thousand years after He breathed life into us, and we are still only trying to learn about the very basic elements of it all. If God were to grant mankind a million more years we would likely still be trying to conceive how He made it all.

      I've studied the "big bang theory" and found multiple holes in it. I've questioned intelligent people who had studied it and believe it to be absolute truth. None of the people I've spoken to about it can honestly answer my questions I've had about it.
    • All of creation sings to the glory of God I personally believe this, There is one part in all of it that is different then the rest. that is Humanity, We have been made in the image of God, That is pretty cool, To make it even better God sent his son to save us from sin, That is awesome! no other part of creation has that for them, I believe that no one can ever truly appreciate the animals of the world without know what God has done for us, I look forward to reading what you all have to share.
  • I love the verves in Proverbs 6:6-7 at says (Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise (7 Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler)
    I look forward to sharing more learning more from you guys
    • Yes, indeed. Have you read the post on here about The Ant? Those verses from Proverbs 6 were a part of that. It is amazing how God can use something so seemingly insignificant as an example for us of how to live.
  • Rejoicing with all them that love our LORD JESUS CHRIST in Truth!
    All thankfulness for another opportunity to glory in His Book of LIFE,The Bible!
    I am especially reminded of the peacocks noted in 1Kings10:23;2Chronicles9:21;Job39:13.
    At a time when Christians are being so persecuted,there was a time when the peacock represented-as the bird of paradise,a sign for Christians! It has been shown me about it having to do with rejoicing & exalting,shout & cry out singing for joy!
    Thanks again Pastor for inviting me!
    I would like to join the MusicianSingers as well!
    • Amen, brother! I will be posting a study on peacocks in the very near future. It's on my list.
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The Ossifrage

What a name! Some animals have more subtle names. Man saw a creature, noticed its habits, then gave it a subtle name quite often. Man saw this bird, noticed its habits, and named it for what it really is ... the bone breaker. Not too many people can look at the average bird and imagine it breaking bones. Peacocks? No. Sparrows? Certainly not. Seagulls? A definite no on that one as well. However, this bird:                                         The OssifrageThe ossifrage goes by a few names.…

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What do you get when you cross a polar bear with a rose? I don't know, but I sure would not try to sniff it.Polar bears are only one member of the Ursidae family. In fact, aside from one sub-species of grizzly bear, the polar bear is the largest and most powerful carnivore on land. I suppose when your diet consists of mainly seals you tend to grow bigger than the rest. Polar bears are known by a few other names, such as, the white bear, the sea bear, and the ice bear. It is found throughout the…

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There are two main types of quail. The Old World Quail, and the New World Quail. Sounds rather simple, doesn't it? Within the Old World species there are five sub-species, and within the New World species there are eight sub-species. Okay, that may still not seem so bad. Thirteen different sub-species of quail. Within the five different sub-species of Old World quail there are 16 types of sub-species, and within the eight sub-species of New World quail there are twenty-nine different types of…

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The Hoopoe

At first glance, the animal I had chosen for thise week's study may appear to be a typo. I can assure you it is not. Today's study is not about a very large, heavy, powerful animal with extremely strong jaws, known as the hippo. Today's study is quite different from that particular animal. However, I ever since I was a child I had always been fascinated with the hippo. However, that remarkable and extraordinary creature is not mentioned in the Bible. Instead, we will be taking a look at a much…

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