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One thing I love to do, when I have the time, is to paint, in my case it's mostly landscapes.  Painting landscapes fits so well with my interest in creation and my photography, God's creation is so awesome and wonderful that I cannot stop celebrating it.  However I believe that anything we create is a reflection of our creator.  My wife and I are very much into crafts and we have a room specially for the purpose, my wife loves to produce Afghan Crochet and runs several groups.  On line she hosts a large group and has formed a group at our church where people share their skills, sh also makes cards and creates Cross Stitch pieces that are awesome.  I love to make marine models and do graphic design work and will turn my hand to almost any sort of craft.

So, if you like being creative in any way, join us, teach us and learn from us, most of all HAVE FUN.

It would be great if we could share our work and possibly share our skills and gifts also, with hints and tips to help us produce better pieces. 


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  • Just a quick welcome to the Christian Artists & Crafters Group, God gave us His passion for creating, some of us ignore it and others embrace it, this is why so many Christians ar involved in some kind of crafting, creating beauty or reflecting God's creation. I hope you will share with us some of the crafts you are involved with, Lynette, welcome indeed.
  • A quick welcome to the Christian Artists and Crafters Group Tabitha it a joy to have you join us. Whatever your art, craft or medium, we'd love you to share with us, through your work-pieces or by sharing tips and comments, we'd love to get to know you.
  • Just to say welcome to Hannah, who has today joined our little group. I hope you will enjoy being a part of the arts and crafts community of CLM, we try to add hints and tips and see each others work, whether that be a piece of artwork or a sample of needlework, models, photographs or any other art or craft. Welcome Hannah.
  • Hi Brothers and Sisters who are in art and design and crafts. I am a Freelance Designer (products and vehicle design) as well as CAD Drafter and Artist including Christian toon and tracts as well as murals. I also write as well. A dozen titles written and published.

    As for Christian toon, I drew Cory Big Heart (R) 1998-2018) and Cory is a heart shaped Christian cartoon/comic book character who knows ASL (American Sign Language) and sure does have a big heart for God and loves everyone.

    God bless!
    • Welcome to Christian Artists & Crafters group Mark, I hope you will become an active member of the group and enjoy the discussions and displays of other member's work. Please feel free to post whatever you feel led to share.
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    • Larry, welcome to the group, yes certainly, any model makers are welcome here, anyone who loves to indulge themselves in crafts of any type. Yes I do like to make marine models, although bad health has stopped me from doing so of late, and I have also been into aero-modeling and rocketry in the past. So you are a very good fit, I look foeward to seeing some of your models.
  • I am a newbie in art, photography and bonsai. However I am keen to learn and very enthusiastic. I believe that I can use my creativity to glorify God.
    • Aristotle wrote: "The things we learn to do, we learn to do them by doing them." Which is something I have always subscribed to. Get your camera and get out there and just take images, you can learn the technical bits as you go, as you need them, the most important thing is to develop is an eye for a good shot. It is often the same with art, you get some paints and a brush or two and start painting or drawing, what you need to do is just get some techniques under your belt, ones you develop yourself, just do it and then wonder how you did it.
  • Welcome to the Christian Artists and Crafters Group Anne. In this group we try to share the things we do, from photographs to paintings,and share helpful tips, methods to help others. We welcome critiques, and constructive criticism, because that helps us to perfect our craft or art. We all look forward to seeing some examples from you.
    • Thanks! I'm looking forward to the journey...
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